Friday, June 30, 2006

opening for Jim Jones and Juelz Santana
@ the Jim Jones birthday bash
July, 2 2006 at CLUB MATE
3612 S.HANOVER ST., Baltimore, MD 212

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FrEaKy DeAkY FrIdAyZ-----------UrBaN iDoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2502 Erdman Ave. Baltimore, MD

JUNE 30th:
Minista Da Urban Ledjen
Gem Powaz
Jinx & Lefty
Tufflon Dona & C.G
Miss Tyreka & B.I.G.Z
WhiteFolkz & Smarty Jones
Divine Chemistry/Strong Arming


DJ Blaq Starr - I'm Banging (Starr Productions)

I don't usually say too much about the articles I'm working on until they're out, but I might as well mention that I've been working on something big that'll be in the City Paper in July. It's basically about the whole crossover between Baltimore club and hip hop, and all the producers who do both. And a really central figure in that right now is Blaq Starr, who did D.O.G.'s "Ryda Gyrl" and N.E.K.'s "Face Down" and Young Leek's "Jiggle It" and a whole lot of club joints. Last week, I met up with him and his brother, Joe aka J-Beezy, for an interview, and the next day I went to the Believe Tour, and the kid was a damn star up in there. Every other club song K-Swift spun was one of his, and Young Leek, D.O.G., Cooli Hi and Tay-Eazy all performed singles that he produced, and he went up there and performed with most of them.

I'm Banging is a little mix CD he's selling out on the streets right now. It's only a half hour long but it's got almost all of his big club joints, "Get My Gun" and "Superstar" and all that, plus some exclusives. It's kind of cool hearing just his tracks all in a row, and no other club producers, since he really has a unique sound. If you call the number on his MySpace page, that's his brother's number, you can get a mixtape from them. But he's actually working on a solo album called Blaq Out, which is gonna be a real artist album, not just a mix CD like most club producers do, because he sings and raps too, so he's really gonna give the game something different.

Blaq Starr - "Ryda Gyrl" (mp3)
Since I posted the D.O.G. remix the other day, now I'll give you the original version that preceded it by a couple months. The beat and the hook are pretty much the same but the verses are completely different.

Blaq Starr - "Hands Up, Thumbs Down" (mp3)
Might be the biggest song in the clubs right now, every time K-Swift put this on at the Believe Tour last week the crowd went apeshit. Blaq Starr has his little sister Jasmine do vocals on some of his songs, I think that's her on this one. I love the part where the hook is chopped up until it's just HANDS HANDS THUMBS THUMBS HANDS HANDS THUMBS THUMBS over and over.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I've been very reluctant to embrace the whole MySpace phenomenon, even after I got a page last year and didn't do anything with it for months and months. But since seemingly every musician in Baltimore has gotten on there in the last 6 months, I've finally gotten around to updating recently so that I can do some extra networking on there. So feel free to request an add and say hi to me on there.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

SL Danga of Rare Ent's Yung Huslas will be competing on 92Q's Tuesday Night Fights at 7:45 pm tonight. Call 410-481-9292.


I'm a little late to note this, since the month is almost over, but the June issue of Music Monthly has a Baltimore club music cover story, in which K-Con interviews Scottie B. and Sean Ceaser from Unruly Records, and DJ Booman and Jimmy Jones from Doo Dew Kidz. Definitely reccomended reading. I just interviewed Booman myself recently, thanks to him for meeting up with me.

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Monday, June 26, 2006


D.O.G. - Walk On Air: The Mix Tape (Invisible Set Entertainment)

When Icy Yo D.O.G. started making a name for himself just a year ago, noone seemed to really know who this dude was or how he got on the radio so quick with this slick track called "Hello." But since then he's done nothing but proven his worth over and over, quickly making the short list of Bmore MCs that could blow up for real, getting a song on a major motion picture soundtrack, putting the clubs on smash with "Ryda Gyrl," and then just recently getting a national artist, Yung Joc, on the "Ryda Gyrl" remix in time for the album. I don't have a copy of the remix but it's all over the radio right now, but I gotta say, I was skeptical but Joc's verse is tight and suits the song really well.

The Champagne Dreams album has been a long time coming, if you have The Prequel mixtape then you remember that last year he was shouting out a December release date. But they've now got their eye on a July release date and hopefully are gonna stick with that. Invisible Set were just getting their business straight, clearing samples and getting ready to really push this thing far, and already based on all the songs I've heard from it, I can tell you it's gonna be one of the must-have Baltimore albums of the year.

Walk On Air kinda feels like a quickie placeholder, just something to keep moving units on while the "Ryda Gyrl" buzz is strong, at less than 40 minutes long with a lot of minute-long snippets of songs. So you might wanna save your money for the album, but it's still a good listen and has some hot songs that weren't on the last mixtape, and freestyles over well chosen beats like "Trap Star" and "Wet Wipes." Plus, there's a bonus DVD that features videos for "Hello" and "Higher" and "Soldier," and performance footage from when D.O.G. opened for Beanie Sigel at Hammerjacks a while back. So, it's not a real essential mixtape, but it's something hot to listen to while waiting for the album. C Love posted about it a while back, too.

D.O.G. - "Ryda Gyrl" (mp3)
I've talked about it before but never posted it, and this is the full song, the song that's gotten 23 thousand plays on MySpace, a few hundred spins on 92Q, and is only gonna get bigger from here. I'm betting this will be the most downloaded track I've posted since that Huli Shallone song.

D.O.G. f/ Raheem Devaughn - "Oldie But Goodie" (mp3)
This is only a little more than a minute of it, but it's his next single, going back to the grown and sexy style but I like this more than "Hello."

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

There's now an official MySpace page for Hip Hop 101, and while you're there I reccomend checking out the Sonny Brown songs on the audio player, I love that new single "Sick Wit It."

at Hip Hop 101 this week:
1st fam
Sport Millz

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There's a Bossman interview over on, and his No ID-produced single "You're Wrong," which I posted about a while back, is now streaming on XXL's site. Almost all the comments on the song on there are pretty positive, that song could really be a good national introduction for him.

Also, if you were wondering about the Bossman that's featured on B.G.'s new album, that's a completely different Bossman, some cat from New Orleans.


Saturday, June 24, 2006


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Friday, June 23, 2006

Milestone Media presents The End of School Talent Showdown 2006
Saturday, June 24, 2006 (MARK YOUR CALENDAR)

Milestone Media known for its’ groundbreaking television shows, commercials, specialty video projects and events will be hosting it most anticipated event to date. This highly anticipated event is considered the most revolutionary events to come out of the Baltimore, MD/ Washington, DC area talent basen. This event has many in the region extremely excited.

VENUE: Arena Players Playhouse

801 Mc Culloh St
Baltimore MD 21201

(410) 728- 6500

TICKET PRICE: $10 (General Admission),

TALENT Registration: $15 group $25

DOORS OPEN: 5:00 pm
SHOWTIME 6:00 pm

The area’s Best Teenage Talent (14- 19)

Show off their skills to be KING OF THE HILL

C Love /
Kelly Connelly /
Joe Dalvage / The Foundation
Sonjay / 92Q Big Phat Morning Show

Hosted By: Porkchop 92Q
Music By: DJ Franchise

Performances By:

Dirty Hartz
Jodie Fair
Suprise Guest
E the Poet Emcee
Ray Victory



To promote Milestone Media has filmed commercials featuring highlighting the event. The 2006 talent show commercials will air on BET, MTV, TV-ONE and other cable stations in Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina and Philadelphia. The commercials will begin eearly June 2006 and will air the entire month. If interested in sponsoring the event your company will be added to local ads with TV and radio stations and placed on over 5000 flyers. Your product and advertisements will be presented during the taping of the event.. Previous Sponsors for Milestone Media event have been Survival Entertainment, NO LIMIT AUTO, Mars Music Superstore, Downtown Locker Room, MTV U, Jam Eazey Entertainment and S&M Management. To find out more about the event or to become a sponsor contact Regg Hatcher at (410) 900-6380/ Howard Perkins (410) 358-0979 or email us at

First Come First Serve ….Spaces are LIMITED


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Three 6 Mafia f/ Paula Campbell - "Hard Out Here For A Pimp" (mp3)
A few months ago, I broke the news that Triple 6 would be re-recording the song that won them an Oscar with Baltimore's own Paula Campbell on the hook, and it was also reported in her City Paper cover story recently. Well, the new version of the song just came out this week on the special edition re-release of their Most Known Unknown album, and here it is.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mic Life Thursdays each and every Thursday at Upper Deck (34 South Eutaw St.)



Jimmy Beamz

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92Q, Believe, Mayor Martin O'Malley and Amerigroup Present
"The Big Phat Believe Tour 2006"

Friday, June 23rd 6pm-10pm
at Dunbar High School
1400 Orleans St.
Hosted by Marc Clarke and the Big Phat Morning Show

Cherish performing the hit single "Do it, To it
Cooli High
and other hot B-more artists!
K-Swift and Squirrel Wyde from "Off the Hook Radio" will be broadcasting live and Swift will be spinnin' the hottest club music between acts

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Mullyman mentioned on his new mixtape, which is now available from his MySpace page, that he'd be in Blender magazine this summer. And the July issue (which has T.I. on the cover of some copies, and the Pussycat Dolls on others) is now on newsstands (making it Mully's 4th appearance in a national publication, after the Fader, XXL, and the Source). The article, titled "America: Fuck Yeah!", is a travelogue in which Blender visits a dozen U.S. cities and spends a day with a musician from each city, and Mully is the representative for Baltimore. It's big for Bmore to be included at all, especially with an underground MC like Mully being featured alongside Pitbull repping Miami and Bun B repping Houston. Mully's guide to Baltimore in the article includes 5 Seasons, Sounds-N-Da-Hood (is SNDH still open?), and Patapsco Flea Market, plus the obligatory crab house and chicken box spot. Shout out to Mully, doing it big!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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This week in the City Paper, I have a big feature on Big Kuntré and Mike Milz, also known as Stay Gettin' Productions. I'm not really gonna say too much, because you can read the article, and you can check out their MySpace page and a list of all their productions that I put together below, which features a few mp3's. Even if you don't know the name you probably know at least a couple tracks they've done. I know that some folks are salty about Young Leek getting a deal when there are still so many overlooked MCs in Baltimore, but SGE are good dudes and veterans of Bmore hip hop themselves, and if their project does well then it's definitely gonna open doors for the city. They produced almost the whole Young Leek album aside from "Jiggle It," and the tracks that have been released so far, "Check" and "One Million" are pretty good, and there's a video of Leek and Kuntré performing "One Million" on YouTube. Anyway, check the resume:

Stay Gettin' Productions Discography

Big Kuntré - Vol. 1 (2001)
1. “Intro”
2. “Street Anthem”
3. “Black Rain”
4. “Stay Gettin’”
5. “Line Of Sight (Haters)”

various artists - Operation Come Up (2001)
16 tracks

Tim Trees - Dalton, Vol. 1 (Bdamore Records, 2001)
2. “Recal”
7. “F.M.P.”

Tim Trees - Dalton, Vol. 2 (Bdamore Records, 2002)
2. “Family” f/ Tony Bosco, Stee and S.N.L. (mp3)
4. “Smoke” f/ Pluggy
7. “410” f/ Little Clayway and Skarr Akbar (mp3)
8. “Sky High” f/ S.N.L.

Bunny Man - What’s Real (Orpheus, 2002)
1. “Intro” f/ Big Kuntré and Antney J
7. “Back, Back”

Ogun - The Movement (ROP, 2003)
14. “War Games” f/ Ooh of Brown F.I.S.H. and Profound

Cam’ron - Diplomats Volume 5 (Streetsweepers, 2003)
9. “Shut The Fuck Up” (mp3)

DJ Kay Slay - The Streetsweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game (Columbia, 2004)
6. “Harlem” f/ Cam’ron & Chinky Brown Eyes
11. “Alphabetical Slaughter” f/ Papoose
12. “Drama” f/ Lil Jon, David Banner, Bun B and Baby D
14. “Get Retarded” f/ The Diplomats and Twista (mp3)
16. “Through Your Head” f/ Jae Millz, Angelous, Cashmere, Trife, Maino, Tru Life and the Bad Seed

Cam’ron - Purple Haze (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, 2004)
14. “Bubble Music”

The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity (Koch, 2004)
4. “Get Use To This” f/ Juelz Santana and J.R. Writer
13. “Dead Motherfuckers” f/ Cam’ron and Juelz Santana
15. “Aayo-iight” f/ Cam’ron and Juelz Santana

Comp - Bang-A-Rang Mixtape, Vol. 1 (DNA, 2004)
1. “Intro”

Ogun - Real On Purpose (ROP, 2005)
8. “Come On Man?!” (mp3)

Papoose - Mixtape Murder (Streetsweepers, 2005)
3. “Bonnie N Clyde 2005” f/ Remy Ma (mp3) (also known as "No Competition")
4. “Versatility” (mp3)

Papoose - A Threat And A Promise (Streetsweepers, 2006)
13. "Shots Fired" f/ Bump J and Stat Quo

Dipset - Cam'ron Presents Duke Da God: The Movement Moves On (Koch, 2006)
15. "We Ain't Going Nowhere" f/ A-Mafia

Cam’ron - Killa Season (Asylum, 2006)
14. “Girls, Cash, Cars”

DJ Kay Slay & Greg Street - The Champions: The North Meets The South (Koch, 2006)
5. "Drama Gang" f/ Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones
14. "5 Deadly Venoms" f/ Ghostface, Kool G Rap, Raekwon, Lord Tariq and Big Daddy Kane
16. "The Introduction" f/ Vein
17. “Big Problems” f/ Lil Jon, Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy, and Lil Wyte

Stay Gettin' Ent & Plain Pat presents Dopeboy Music (2006)
1. "Intro" f/ Bgz
4. "Zoo" f/ Glue
6. "Supa Dupa Trap" f/ Bgz, Ricky Ruckus, Kenney G and Glue
15. "Heavy Chevy" f/ Glue and Ricky Ruckus


Young Leek - Somethin' To Prove (Stay Gettin' Entertainment/Def Jam)

Papoose - Nacirema Dream (Jive)

Freeway - Free At Last (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam)

(photo by Sam Holden)

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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I saw this on Rare Ent.'s MySpace page about a week ago and had been meaning to post the sad news, and then C Love beat me to the punch. A few weeks ago, when I posted about Tyree Colion's new triple CD mixtape, I mentioned that I'd heard something about him getting arrested. Well, it turns out he's probably gonna be going back to prison, and is currently awaiting sentencing. The mixtape isn't even going to be officially released either, which is a shame, because it's really one of my favorite local releases of the year so far, so I definitely reccomend that you get in touch with Rare and buy it. Anyway, here's the statement from Rare:

For those of you who were not away, Tyree Colion was arrested on 4/19, the day before his CD release party. He was arrested as a result of a warrant for violation of parole and when police apprehended him, he was allegedly in possession of marijuana. Once in custody, he was denied bail.

This past Thursday, June 1, was his court date for the violation of parole charge. Given Tyree's past and probably also because of his public persona, the prosecutors and judge seemed to be determined to nail him. Despite the best efforts of R.A.R.E. Entertainment's legal team and testimony from R.A.R.E.'s president, Tyree was found guilty on a violation of a parole; the judge insisting Tyree was not a productive member of society.

He has not been officially sentenced yet but still faces another court apperance for an old assualt charge resulting from a small scuffle two years ago at Baja Beach Club. Depending on the outcoming of the assualt trial, Tyree could be facing anywhere from four to fifteen years in jail.

I can't really speculate fully on what the outcome of his sentencing will be, but at this point, it's looking like best case scenario for Tyree is serving four years of his fifteen year suspended sentence.

I would ask that everybody keep Tyree in your thoughts and prayers and hope for the best. Anybody that knows Tyree is aware that he is a very changed man and is not the same person that was convicted back in '92 at the age of fifteen.

For those that are interested, Tyree's triple mixtape "Tyree Colion presents Hustle Hard Blvd." is available in limited quantities. With Tyree away, R.A.R.E. does not plan to fully release it, however, if you're interested in purchasing it, contact us. The 3 disc mixtape features over 60 songs and is $15. The money from the mixtape will go towards supporting Tyree's beautiful five month old baby girl.

Also, for anybody that wants to write Tyree, I will make that address available shortly.

On a business note, R.A.R.E. Entertainment will not cease to exist in the absence of Tyree Colion. We still plan on gearing up for a big summer, starting off with the release of the Yung Huslas "Strickly Business Vol. 1", followed by a DVD.

Keep your eyes open and your ears listening.


Monday, June 19, 2006

M.O.L. - Money On Da Low (Top Of Da Hill Records)

M.O.L. is a group from West Bmore comprised of Lace, H20, Notty Head, Baby Beast, Firearmz, and Gata Sheist. Bunny, the president of Top Of Da Hill Records (not to be confused with Top Of The World Records) reached out to me a couple months back to get me a copy of the album, and I met up with them when they performed at the release party for the Baltimore State of Grind album, which they've got a track on. They also got in touch with my friend Jim to give him a copy, and he wrote a post about it recently.

I first heard M.O.L. last year when their track "Where We From" and the Firearmz solo track "All The Same" appeared on Hamsterdam, and both of those are on here as bonus tracks. Darkroom Productions do a few more tracks on here, as does Ms. Tris Beats, so the production is real strong on here. I kinda wish they credited which MCs were on which tracks, though, that would make it easier to identify their voices individually. But Gata Sheist and Firearmz are both Style Warz champions, so you know they've got some serious lyricists.

M.O.L. - "Money Right" (mp3)
First song on the album, I think it's mainly Gata Sheist on here and he kills it, hot beat by Phathead.

M.O.L. - "Same Shit" (mp3)
Good eerie-sounding beat by Darkroom.

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We are bringing it in right Ladies and Gents!!!!!

B-MORE careful Productions own

Jaiden Records own





and more to be announced tomorrow night.. hosted by yours truly Sonny Brown
and Djed by the hardest working DJ in the biz DJ jabril!!!!

10 for the fellas, $5 for the females

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Season The Microphone Monday's
@ The Yabba Pot 771 Washington Blvd Baltimore MD 21230.

And if you are not driving the lovely MTA bus number 11 comes right in front.
June 19

Jamma Wun

8:00pm Doors Open/Early Cipher
9:00pm Open Mic
10:30pm 1st Act
11:00pm 2nd Act
11:30pm Open Mic
12:00pm DJ Face

And Remember
Hip-Hop Is Life, so don't waste it!!!

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Wu Family Tour

June, 18 2006 @ K-Productions
1570 Havenwood Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218
Cappadonna, Born Divine, Jon-Jon, and Crown Lyve
15$ tickets if availible contact Jon-Jon for avalibility! (443) 834-3683


Saturday, June 17, 2006



Friday, June 16, 2006

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Architects Recording Studio presents Street Radio Volume 2.5 (DJ Radio/Streetsweepers)

That's the cover of the first Street Radio up there, but whatever, I'm talking about 2.5, which came out a while back, at least a couple months ago. I'm not sure why it's only 2.5 and they didn't go straight to 3, I know that New York DJs like Big Mike do that too with Big Boy Game 10.5 and all that, and I never really understood it. Like, does that mean 2.5 is less important than 2, or they're waiting to do something big for 3? But anyway this is hot, maybe better than Street Radio 2. A lot of recent joints, music from Bossman and D.O.G. and Barnes and ShellBe RAW and more. And of course, the Streetsweepers squeeze a lot of NYC stuff in there from Papoose and Jae Millz. In fact, Jae Millz has a song called "Ghetto Boy" that jacks the same Donny Osmond sample that Dukeyman flipped on the recent B. Rich album.

Tim Trees - "Get Slick Wit It" (mp3)
I wrote about this a little when it first dropped months ago but it's really grown on me since then, I love all the punchlines Tim does in the first verse, it's like he kinda stepped his game up. Can't wait for that new album.

C.R. - "Know You Better" (mp3)
I kinda forgot about this song for a minute until 92Q started playin' it, but it's some good Baltimore R&B. C.R. is performing on the Believe tour right now too. I think he does his own production, and the beat on this track is really hot shit.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

African American Heritage Festival
Dates: June 16-18, 2006
Location: Oriole Park at Camden Yards

C Love posted about some acts to catch, and here's a list of Baltimore hip hop artists that will be performing:

AbRock (who got the spot as the Organic Soul Contest winner)
6:40-7pm, June 16th
Main Stage

3-3:15pm, June 17th
B Stage

Baltimore Ladies of Hip Hop featuring Golden Seal, BFly, Symantyx and Ms. Stress, Hosted by C Love
4-4:45pm, June 18th
B Stage

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Torchlight Entertainment Presents...

Mic Life Thursdays

This weeks features are Born King & The Union (Knowledge & Verbz)

Hosted by
Lyrical Leviathan

Dj Venom on the 1's and 2's

9:00pm doors
10:00pm open mic
11:00pm features
12:00am battles and/or Cypher

Free admission and Drink specials all night long! (That’s right, FREE!!!)

Mic Life Because Hip-Hop is life, so don’t waste it!!!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

D.O.G. f/ Jim Jones - "I Get Doe" (mp3)
This track has been on 92Q and local mixtapes like DNA's True Crime for months and months, but reading AllHipHop the other day (C Love mentioned it on her blog today too), I learned that D.O.G.'s Debonair Samir-produced Dipset collabo would actually be appearing on the Russell Simmons Music Group/Def Jam soundtrack to the major motion picture Waist Deep, alongside artists like Ice Cube, Redman and Ghostface Killah. One of the executive producers of the soundtrack, which just dropped today, is Baltimore native Tony Austin, the man that got Comp signed to Def Jam, so he's probably the one responsible for putting D.O.G. on the album. The original hook with Lil Wayne's voice has been re-recorded, I guess they couldn't get the "Go DJ" sample cleared. Still, that's a good look, big up to D.O.G., I gotta get that new mixtape.

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Monday, June 12, 2006


Hots - The Introduction (Lil Skrilla/One Up Entertainment)

Last month after my Hots feature ran in the City Paper, I premiered a few tracks from this mixtape before it was out. But now it's finally available, and you can order it for a few bucks from Hots and Lil Skrilla's MySpace pages. I like the way Lil Skrilla chops up the beats real creatively, too. It's got a lot of hot joints on it, the "Movin' On Up" single, the track with Tony Yayo, a lot of new freestyles, a lot of new songs produced by One Up.

Hots - "Hard Knock Hustle" (mp3)
This song first caught my ear on Hots' MySpace page and it's one of my favorites on here.

Hots f/ Bossman - "Listen Up" (mp3)
Boss and Hots over the "Cobra Clutch" instrumental, one of the hardest beats of the past couple years, good shit.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006


I want everybody to keep MR. WILSON in your prayers everybody and come out and support him on MONDAY Hip Hop 101.. Mr. Wilson had a heart attack Thursday and he is in the hospital recovering now as we speak. He seems to be doing fine though. Come out and support that man not because he had a heart attack... but because he puts it down EVERY WEEK so unknown and known artist could get a lil shine in this city. Now I've been hearing the talk here and there where as though folks say the 5 seasons is a place where EVERYBODY performs and people get tired of coming there to see so called acts perform.. and I also been hearing where as though people feel like they don't feel safe at our events BUT... we have not had or will EVER have something foul go on for the last 4 months we been doing these events. We don't just cater to the so called gangsta rappers, we cater to WHOEVER wants to perform. But right now it's not about all that.... It's about a man who has been putting it down for years, and continues to still put it down and his well being.. so if you don't have anything to do, please try to come out and support. If you don't come out to support ever... please just try to come out this monday for him..

This week is Visions Birthday/Album release party and a mini party for Wilson.. So the acts are going to be..

Black Plague
Killa KAB
Sonny Brown

Drink specials, good music by DJ jabril, hosted by your truly Sonny Brown

$5 for the ladies
$10 for the fellas

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

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Friday, June 09, 2006


Backland - Back In Business (Charm City Records)

If you don't know who Backland is, what you really need to do is go to YouTube and watch a few of his Freestyle Friday battles from 106 & Park back in '02 where he just slays the competition. There's also a bunch of those battle verses on one track on his last mixtape, The One, which is a damn good mixtape. He got hit by a car in '04, but after a long recuperation he's rapping again, so big up to Backland. His new one, which I reviewed in the City Paper this week, isn't quite as good as The One, but it's still worth checking out. He even flashes back to a track from Charm City Records 3000: It's Over from way back in 1999, which shows you just how long Backland's been doin' his thing. On one track, he rhymes over a beat from Jin's album, which I think is kinda funny.

Backland - "Real Talk" (mp3)
This is a short track but one of my favorites, just a real mellow beat and Backland goes off about all the shit he's been through the past couple years.

Backland f/ B.O.M.B. and Q - "What It Sound Like" (mp3)
This is a good track that has the dude Q on it as well as Charm City Records artist B.O.M.B., who actually met up with me earlier this week to get me a copy of his new solo mixtape, so I should be writing about that at some point, shout out to B.O.M.B.

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BEKAtainment presents | Still Bangin | 9pm-2am | 5 Seasons
Friday, June 9th

Come to Da place 2- B and check out some of the Livest MC's in the region. This will be the show that breaks the weather. Don't sleep this go around. Last show was a smash.... This show will be featuring the hottest MC's reppin' Maryland, D.C. areas. Come out and support tha underground movement!!! Drink specials!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy hour from 9pm till 10 pm. 2 for 1 mixed or str8 drinks........18 to come 21 to swallow.............must have ID!!!!!! I'll See you in the place to be!!!!

Madam Madon
Porche 9-11
Nick Saprano
Born King
Dream team Committee

All in one SHOW!!!!!!!

Spinning the Wheels of Steel Before & Between Sets.....

Natural Project:


HOSTED by Cornbread from Troof Ent.

The 5 Seasons
830 Guilford ave
Baltimore, MD 21201 US

Show luv 2 get luv!!!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

92Q, Believe, Mayor Martin O'Malley and Amerigroup
"The Big Phat Believe Tour 2006"

Friday, June 9th 6pm-10pm at Calverton Middle School,
1100 Whittmore Ave.
Hosted by Marc Clarke and the Big Phat Morning Show
Cooli High
and other hot B-more artists!

K-Swift and Squirrel Wyde from "Off the Hook Radio" will be broadcasting live and Swift will be spinnin' the hottest club music between acts!
"The Big Phat Believe Tour 2006"
is sponsored by
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June, 8 2006
1552 Havenwood Road, Baltimore, MD 21218
Cost: $5
Love, Peace and Poetry presents: HIP-HOP 4 LIFE- the only regular all 90's Hip-Hop and Reggae party in the world. Celebrating the best era for Hip-Hop music with Baltimore's Best DJ- DJ LiL MiC. At The Haven Lounge-410.366.7416. Doors at 9pm. $5 B4 10pm, $10 after LPandP Events- For the Cultured Urban Professional. Tell somebody


Mic Life Thursdays each and every Thursday at Upper Deck (34 South Eutaw St.) This Week we at it once again, getting it cracking like dry skin.

9:00pm doors
10:00pm open mic
11:00pm features
12:00am battles and/or Cypher

Free admission and Drink specials all night long! (That’s right, FREE!!!)

Feature Performences this week by

Jon Jon (Wu Tang South)



Dj J Venom on the Blades

Hosted By Rebel Existence

Mic Life
Because Hip-Hop Is Life, So Don't Waste It!!!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Barnes - The Last Shall Be First (Street Official/Sugar Water)

This album dropped back in April, but I've got a review of it in the City Paper this week (along with a review of the new Backland mixtape, which I'll post about later in the week, and a review by Jason Torres of the Gritty Gang mixtape I wrote about a while back). I posted Barnes' song with Joe Budden a few months ago, and that's on here, along with all his other songs that have been getting spins on 92Q. It's a pretty tight album, and it's got national distribution and you can buy it on iTunes and everything, so that's a good look. I don't really know what's up with Barnes these days, though, because a while back C Love posted a news story that said he'd been arrested as a suspect in a homicide, and people have been leaving "Free Barnes" and "come home soon" messages on his MySpace page. So hopefully he's not in some serious hot water right now.

Barnes f/ Highs-N-Pistol - "Tattoo Tears" (mp3)
I remember way back around last summer when 92Q was playing this song and I never really wrote about it because for the longest time I wasn't sure who it was by. So it's cool to finally have a copy of it, it's a kind of dark, spooky sounding song but it's a banger.

Barnes - "Middle East" (mp3)
One of my favorite tracks on the album, something to really rep our region with.

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