Monday, February 13, 2006

Top Of The World Records - The Grand Opening

This here is a label comp showcasing the roster of Top Of The World Records: Amadaye, Swan Grace, Black and Gutz [A.K.], Diano, IB, Finney, and Kariz. Amadaye's been featured on Street Radio and On Da Grind mixtapes, and I got a preview of a few tracks from his album, Ghetto Soul, which is coming out later this year. Swan's performing at 5 Seasons on March 2nd. Check out their MySpace page for more info and audio.

Amadaye - "Field Of Dreams" (mp3)
Amadaye's voice reminds me of someone, I think it's T3 from Slum Village. I like some of the jazzy beats on here, sax loops and stuff, I kind of get an old school backpacker vibe off of some of it.

Black and Gutz [A.K.] - "Fight Klub" (mp3)
This might be the song I'm feeling the most on the CD, the beat's just got this forward momentum to it, it's hot. And I like the way they keep switching off back and forth between the 2 MCs.

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I been checking out Amadaye for a minute they are tight. I already got the Wire mixtape vol.1! I can't for the album.
the Amadaye beat is 'Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Variation)' by Scritti Politti.
yes, the fight klub track has proper tag team action. hey al, seeya soon dude!
askmad, you talking about the scritti track w mos on it? i remember it being a lot more boring. what did they change (i don't have the scritti song anymore)?
They didnt change anything, its the same beat. I think it was probably Mos Def that was boring and the original scritti politti beat. I remeber that I used to listen to the instrumental when it came out, I have always like this beat alot.
Yeah I am a definate fan of TOP of the World.. Im not saying it because i am cool with them.. but musically they are a very good record label that i can actually see doing BIG things.. Thanks al for doing a write up on these catz.. they most definately deserve it
i just heard the scritti again
youre right, it's just mos being boring
There's one song I'm feeling from the camp is Think of You! Just fire!
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