Monday, June 05, 2006

Mullyman - Still H.I.M. (DJ Gemini/Major League Unlimited)

Back with the sequel to last summer's Believe In H.I.M. (as in His Imperial Majesty), Mully's first mixtape since Mullymania dropped 7 months ago, pushing a new single and those "What You Know" and "Bumpin' My Music" freestyles I posted last month. I got the CD from Mully after he performed at last month's Style Warz, he did his thing on the stage with Nik Stylz and Dirty Hartz, might be the most energetic performance I've ever seen him do. There's some good material on there, too, it sounds like he put a lot of work into even the freestyles, like the crazy "Old School Tribute" track and the "Mr. Me Too" freestyle where he copies a whole bunch of different rappers' flows. He's got a lot of big things in the works right now, including a DVD that's supposed to be out in about a month. I think Mully said the mixtape is gonna be available on his MySpace page soon, but until then, you can cop it at the Patapsco flea market.

Mully's throwing a release party for the mixtape at Sonoma's in Columbia tomorrow night, June 6th.

Mullyman - "The Life, The Hood, The Streetz" (mp3)
The new single, produced by Mbah, real anthemic shit. Mully says it's going to be on The Wire soundtrack, which is a real good look.

Dirty Hartz f/ Mullyman - "That's Da Sound" (mp3)
This is a few months old but I never really posted it and it's easily one of my favorite local singles of the year. Debonair Samir put together a crazy beat and I really need to do a whole post about Dirty Hartz sometime, definitely one of my favorite groups in the city.

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Yeah you should al!! I will be sure to get you the new mix cd before it hits the streets!!!
Mully's the truth!!!
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