Monday, June 19, 2006

M.O.L. - Money On Da Low (Top Of Da Hill Records)

M.O.L. is a group from West Bmore comprised of Lace, H20, Notty Head, Baby Beast, Firearmz, and Gata Sheist. Bunny, the president of Top Of Da Hill Records (not to be confused with Top Of The World Records) reached out to me a couple months back to get me a copy of the album, and I met up with them when they performed at the release party for the Baltimore State of Grind album, which they've got a track on. They also got in touch with my friend Jim to give him a copy, and he wrote a post about it recently.

I first heard M.O.L. last year when their track "Where We From" and the Firearmz solo track "All The Same" appeared on Hamsterdam, and both of those are on here as bonus tracks. Darkroom Productions do a few more tracks on here, as does Ms. Tris Beats, so the production is real strong on here. I kinda wish they credited which MCs were on which tracks, though, that would make it easier to identify their voices individually. But Gata Sheist and Firearmz are both Style Warz champions, so you know they've got some serious lyricists.

M.O.L. - "Money Right" (mp3)
First song on the album, I think it's mainly Gata Sheist on here and he kills it, hot beat by Phathead.

M.O.L. - "Same Shit" (mp3)
Good eerie-sounding beat by Darkroom.

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