Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hots - "From The Hood" (mp3)

Hots - freestyle from upcoming Lil Skrilla mixtape (mp3)

Hots f/ Tony Yayo - "Gangsta" (mp3)

Bossman f/ Hots - "Blam Blam" (mp3)

This week in the City Paper, I wrote a profile of Hots, the MC from Cambridge, MD, now living in Baltimore, who's in the One Up Entertainment camp along with Bossman. I posted the Hots song with Raheem Devaughn a few months ago, but here's some more tracks, some of which are unreleased exclusives I got from Nieze from One Up, and they played me some other tracks in the studio that were fire. The song with Yayo was produced by Aqua, the dude that did Jay-Z's "My 1st Song" and Beanie Sigel's "I Can't Go On This Way," I like that track. You can also watch Hots' appearance on MTV Advanced Warning, and listen to a radio interview he did recently.

Also in CP this week, check out Jaye Hunnie's article on ShellBe RAW.

5/6/06 EDIT: Hots has a MySpace page, and the audio section features a song I didn't post called "Hard Knock Hustle"

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its lil skrilla, not scrilla
aight, I fixed it.
wuts good al its skrilla, sup neize, hots, shit its bout 2 be taken over , lol good lookin who ever posted the name spelling , happens all the time, i spell it with a K so it stands out more
but holla
Good joint, Al!
and thanks for the mention.
- JayeHunnie
This Kenneth from DC I've been checking out Hots since 2 Step!!!
I think your article was great Al....I heard of Hots b4, but knew nothing of his ties to One Up or anything, good job!

Thanks for mentioning the article on me as well!
Been following Hots and One Up for a while .... these dudes bout ta to do big thingz..nah meen !!!!!
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