Thursday, May 18, 2006 ran a Bossman interview a few months ago, and today on their audio section they've got a hot new Bossman song called "Your Wrong" (or maybe it's "You're Wrong"), I think it's a real good look for him.


He comes across as sooo not appealing in all of his interviews. He sounds like he makes an effort to distance him self from anything Baltimore if it ain't him. That is not nice. People better stop hatin on B Rich!!! Why even mention COMP? Maybe Im biased.

His public sound bites need to be worked on like YESTERDAY!! He got the whole city looking at him....he can't keep doing interviews without showing love to will back fire on him.
Ms. C what do you mean about Bossman is neglecting interviews from the Baltimore public?
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well...i mean no disrespect to him..but i am very much cocerned with how peopl portray our city.

Me personally...I can't see me being a fan of some one that doesn't have a good with the bad perspective of their home or just all out love. Hip Hop is so much a bout reppin where you are from b/c your background makes you what you are.

Baltimore's [as a whole] day will never come if there isn't more than one artist poppin at the same time. We all know the game is sales driven vs investment....& we aren't selling records like that here. Bossman's Law and Order sold well here, but did he do those numbers elsewhere and in how many other regions?

A united front appears much stronger. Your foundation has to be strong or that will be the first thing people attack when you get into a beef.

I am sure Baltimore put him through some has made me wonder why I do it to myself at times...but I still would hope that in the back of his mind he knows that his encouraging words are needed right about now. There are so many people watching his moves and if everyone carries it like one will ever turn around and put money back into Baltimore.

I couldn't find it online...but, I will continue looking..... He reportedly said that the only good artist [beside himself] in Baltimore is Paula Campbell. WOW! He can't TRULY believe that when their were artists that helped and collaborated with him over the years. He had to have been misquoted. If he did say that ...{again I can't post the link at this time)..that is an example of how he could have used his voice for give folk hope that he is truly going to rep for B'More and to show the world that B'more is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Why not say "Mully" when asked that question...that would have messed everyone's head up! LOL!

All jokes aside...I was speaking purly from the PR perspective with my comments. I am sure his camp is advising him on what to say and what not to say. I am sure the more he is interview the more polished his swagger will become. Hopefully they read this blog [and mine] to REALLY see that the things their artists say effect us all.

I am pluggin for Bossman!
Are you going to put this info on your site? Well if he did said those things about Baltimore artist then that's really wack to me. Maybe be he should think before say something like this because I know Baltimore got so many talented rappers!!
fuck bossman. he aint the king of my muthafuckin city. he rap good but kings put work in. i fuck wit niggas that rap and SOUND like they from bmore. we got our own slang. if b rich new how to work that booth like bossman he probably had more of a chance of putting us on the map. bitch we aint from newyork. me and my company been relocated down south for the last 10 years. we back and forth from here to there. but being away so long gave me the chance to step outside being from bmore and i realize we got that slang that cant be fucked wit. why try to change that up. all i hear in bmore besides a couple is a bunch of groupies who sound like their favorite artist. to put bmore on the map this shit got to be a movement and everybody gotta be on the same sheet of music.yeah aight. i wouldn't be suprized if some emenem looking mutha fucka from south baltimore put us on the map. out
Whatever cats like Bossman or not he is opening doors for Bmore! Also Baltimore can't just rely on one cat to blow it got to be a movement like main man said! Also is that Bossman and Mullyman beef still going on?
Well from an artist stand point, I do look at Bossman (for what to and not to do). No one is perfect, and what works for one person may not work for another. I believe that Bossman is a good 'look' for B-More in many aspects...........he is marketable (not the finest, but definitely not ugly), he makes good songs, is known in the streets (underground level)and he does speak eloquently when being interviewed..........he understands the business to a certain extent. But I do feel like how he carries "B-More" sometimes isn't what's up. But then again.........being that there hasn't been a B-More artist to get into the industry, and be credible. B-Rich managed to get lots of video spins and get the song out there............but I can't tell you how many times I had to defend that "B-More ain't a clown ass town" because of that song. I ultimately think that B-More should embrace its own music, and stop waiting on validity from the 'mainstream' industry. Embrace local artists, make them hot the point that they get crazy spins here........when you go to ATL, they are gonna play local artists just as much if not more than national artists. There artists 'eat' off of their own city..........mainstream is EXTRA.....that's what Jeezy says!

I could say more, but I might incriminate myself......LOL
very good points, Ms Raw!!!
All this talk about a DROPPED ARTIST!!! YEAH THATS RIGHT! BOSSMAN has been dropped by VIRGIN last week. It has been official for a minute. I know the hate shit is coming, but you know what? who cares. There are 2 reasons why Baltimore will Never get put on.

Talent- There is talent here in this city dont get me wrong. But is it talent that can stand the test of time? Are these artist people that can stand next to top artist in the game now and compete with them song making wise? NO! are the female emcees pretty enough to get lil boys jerking off in the bed at night? are they pretty enough to have little girls saying they want to be like them? FUCK NO! (well im lying. maybe 1 or 2 females i saw and i've seen every female emcee in this city and they are females that arent even known)

Common Sense- The artist here don't have a spit of common sense. Look at the Mully man and Boss man battle. these fuckups were going back and forth with each other now both of them are LOSERS! One of them sold absolutly nothing in the stores and the other flopped before he even had a chance. I heard about another artist here that is going to court for hitting a guys girlfriend with a fucking barstool. This is why we don't get a chance people. COMMON SENSE!

Everybody always has something to say about B-Rich. This guy is STILL putting records out and selling so he is doing something right. We need to start buy learning who we are, supporting each other. and maybe just maybe we can possibly get away from this dark cloud over our heads. oh yeah.
Like I said too much crab mentality here!
Is this information true about Bossman being drop or you just saying that shit to be hateful? Also how can you talk greasy about Mullyman get off his dick and stop hating that's some cats never blow. One!!!
Exact quote, straight from Nieze from Bossman's label and production team:

"let me clear something up
1st of all bossman is signed to one up entertainment and one up has a production situation with virgin
so in order to drop boss virgin would have to drop the whole situation
nothing close to that has happen"

And if Bossman gets a video for the song done in time, he might drop in October, if not then January. If anything else happens, you'll probably hear it here first, so you don't have to speculate on shit or listen to what the haters want you to think.
I like it alot! Go B-O-S-S!! haven't heard any rumors about him being dropped from reliable always chalked it up as pessimism. Let's just hope for the best instead of the worse for once.
wow....I think Baltimore does have talent to stand the test of time. It's about making good music. Good music lasts. If we ignore the box....step outside of it...and first have a quality product. Being as though everything my husband does is recorded, mixed and mastered at ARS. So the sound quality is top notch. I can't think of how many mixtapes get tossed cause of the quality. invest in yourself....ok i'm rambling. I think Shellbe said it...Baltimore artists squeeze through the door and take off running. They never look back they never reach back. Don't just rep ya city so you can get radio play, get on the believe tour and then forget all about us when you blow.....hge
i interviewed bossman for our march 2005 cover. he named many other baltimore artists who he respects.

c--it's not fair to say "he can't keep doing interviews without showing love to Bmore." it's notlike he has control of what runs when the interview comes out, or even what is asked/covered during the interview.

i need to go back and see what was said about b rich. i am not commenting on what he said until i read it again, but i don't think it's hating to say that b rich kind of came out of nowhere when he got signed. there is nothing wrong with that at all, but bossman (with nek and as a solo artist) built a strong following in baltimore that clearly helped trmemndously when 'law and order' dropped.
I agree... he has no control over what is printed. That is pretty much all I can say about that. So true!

but....If I was misquoted in an interview ....I would make a fuss! ....& I haven't heard anything about any retractions or notice of misquotes where he is concerned.

So with that....I can only assume that everything was printed as it was told to the writer.

Not exactly sure what I expect or desire from Bmore artists. Maybe a lil respect for the people that came before them. No one respects a man that does not know his history. Baltimore Hip Hop did not start with Bossman, but who would know out side of this place when there have been very few Hip Hoppers that have been given a national platform.

We really do need each other. No one person or team has the time or reach to market to everyone...that is why its so important to treat ppl good and they will gladly do much of your marketing for you. Look at us now...we are helping him by even talking about him.

There is no way that one can make it with out the support of the masses IMO. People from other places hit me and ask me about artists that they have heard about. If I was to say an artist is wack ppl are inclined to believe me b/c I am from here & involved in Hip I must know. WHen I talk excitedly about Bmore Hip Hop...ppl are so surprised because they dont know of any artists from here. Bmore Hip Hop does very little reppin at the money magnent events that go on throughout the year. We are not players....we really only have each other. If I acted like Baltimore Hip Hop was wack and the only artists worth listening to are the one's I am promoting....eventually my opinion would mean little. People are drawn to people and places that they believe are poppin. The idea is to let people know we got something special here...And they just dont know about it yet...."Get in on it"...LOL!

Not to say that the masses are going to like everyone, but Baltimore is in a unique state right now. We are so close...yet mentally so far away IMO. We ALL need to be Biggin' up Bmore Hip Hop every chance we get. We are the ones laying the foundation...this is our baby.

How else are we going to get enough fans whereas we can have really crowded and profitable shows...where artists actually sell merch? You can't have a good underground show with one Big local act. Add to the mix...our target market isn't accustomed to live ent. I want to have it where all the acts are draws with their own crowd. That was people will be cross promoting and a person doesn't have to feel like if they support someone else they are wrong. Folk really act like since they think their man is the truth...everyone else sucks. If we keep up things they way they are...only a few artists will actually have a chance for a career in music and even less of us non-artists will have the opp to make a living from it. If "we", the practitioners, dont act like Bmore is that next spot to BLOW [one person with a record out is not blowing IMO].....WHO WILL???

Do you think Bossman having a multiplatinum album is really going to help all of us eat at the end of the day... Prolly not....but I still see how him makin it helps the movement....I care about that!!!!

The "movement" will require that we all give the impression that everyone has their ish together at the same. People want to see STRENGTH. When you think of Houston or are not just thinking of one person. We need to get it like that here.

Do you know what Bossman saying that "so and so" in Bmore is hot [on the record] will do will make ppl start to check for that person...then perhaps Bossman would not be the only person with a deal. I can't count how many times reading an article has sent me on a new search based on something that was said.

I agree with everyone that Bossman put in the work....that can never be disputed..

But lots of ppl put in work. He is blessed. He was the first one to put in the work, had the right ppl speaking for him and the right songs at the right time. All his cherries were lined up at the right time. That is my take.... I personally feel that there are quite a few artists ...who with the right team...would do exceptionally well. It was his blessing that it happen to him first.

While I can imagine he has salty feelings about this place...I also know that it was Bmore that legitimized him as an MC. It's not like he blew up elsewhere and we found out about this dude reppin Bmore. A lot of that early support came from other to say or not mention anyone else [especially because we are from Bmore] NOT Politically Correct in my opinion.

We have far more MCs interested in Bmore rap than we do fans...this will NEVER change if the most popular MC [<------I think this is fair]doesn't act like he is just the first of many dynamic acts to emerge. Strenght in numbers is not just a slogan....people are attracted to power...does Bmore look powerful to you? [rhetorical question]

As I stated earlier...with time he will no doubt perfect the art of speaking without alienating folk....ANY ARTIST or PRODUCER who cares about the "movement" has to be mindful of the many people that become haters for this very reason. Everyone is out here least recognize that whenever you can. That does not hurt will not prevent you from selling fact it may endear a few ppl to you. that too much to ask for from the most popular Baltimore artist?

I just want to eat.....I need to someone to sell a million and give me a I can finally shut up!!!! LOL! We can all eat off this, but it requires that we never miss opportunites to help someone else. Bmore needs help!!! Anything that anybody can do to let ppl where ever they are that Baltimore Hip Hop is worthy of consideration is appreciated! We got some much hot talent...Bossman is just one of many!

B'More Stand UP!

P.S. sorry its so long!
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sorry for the typos too...LOL!

I hope no one is taken aback by that...nor am I saying that its innapropriate to talk about your project during your interview...LOL!

....I really just want people in general to understand that every move we make right now is so important. We can get skipped again.

Since radio is not really an option for the average Baltimore MC...we need to really focus on improving our live scene.

People need to be totally focused on progressing but also proudly reppin Baltimore. It can't hurt!!! People here have money to spend...and its sad but the Hip Hop community is not benefitting from the wealth. I am starting to go back out to events again and this is not a slight to anyone putting in the work of organizing and executing and event...but its the same ole same ole line up and faces. This is a great thing that we have a core group, but we all need to get together and figure out a way to market ourselves as collective "BALTIMORE". We can only it woudn't require us to get all up in each other's business.

I think that the collective effort of everyone for once being happy to be from Bmore and celebrating the fact that we all grew up the way we did ...will really make people curious about the would make me curious if I started seeing decals in store windows saying I support local hip hop. That is not a dream or fantasy....a collective effort could make that happen and that is a small thing.

Are people happy with one person making money at a time? I've rolled with people like DJ DNA and saw how he makes it happen with his mixtapes. There is a demand and people are trying to find out what is new all the time.

Sooooo....I am not trying to pick on Bossman...I love it when I find Bossman related news. He is the biggest act from here right now!!! His posts get the most responses where ever. I just remember what I remember...hear what I hear and read what I read ...and I am frustrated.

We got people in key positions...when do we hold people accountible for how the rep and how their reppin makes me feel? Is it wrong to hope and pray that he or his people read your opinion of them? He is an entertainer scrutiny is light..LOL! hopefully headache is worth it.

The big dummy who's bringing these lame rumors about Bossman and On Up Productions is blind!
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