Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I saw this on Rare Ent.'s MySpace page about a week ago and had been meaning to post the sad news, and then C Love beat me to the punch. A few weeks ago, when I posted about Tyree Colion's new triple CD mixtape, I mentioned that I'd heard something about him getting arrested. Well, it turns out he's probably gonna be going back to prison, and is currently awaiting sentencing. The mixtape isn't even going to be officially released either, which is a shame, because it's really one of my favorite local releases of the year so far, so I definitely reccomend that you get in touch with Rare and buy it. Anyway, here's the statement from Rare:

For those of you who were not away, Tyree Colion was arrested on 4/19, the day before his CD release party. He was arrested as a result of a warrant for violation of parole and when police apprehended him, he was allegedly in possession of marijuana. Once in custody, he was denied bail.

This past Thursday, June 1, was his court date for the violation of parole charge. Given Tyree's past and probably also because of his public persona, the prosecutors and judge seemed to be determined to nail him. Despite the best efforts of R.A.R.E. Entertainment's legal team and testimony from R.A.R.E.'s president, Tyree was found guilty on a violation of a parole; the judge insisting Tyree was not a productive member of society.

He has not been officially sentenced yet but still faces another court apperance for an old assualt charge resulting from a small scuffle two years ago at Baja Beach Club. Depending on the outcoming of the assualt trial, Tyree could be facing anywhere from four to fifteen years in jail.

I can't really speculate fully on what the outcome of his sentencing will be, but at this point, it's looking like best case scenario for Tyree is serving four years of his fifteen year suspended sentence.

I would ask that everybody keep Tyree in your thoughts and prayers and hope for the best. Anybody that knows Tyree is aware that he is a very changed man and is not the same person that was convicted back in '92 at the age of fifteen.

For those that are interested, Tyree's triple mixtape "Tyree Colion presents Hustle Hard Blvd." is available in limited quantities. With Tyree away, R.A.R.E. does not plan to fully release it, however, if you're interested in purchasing it, contact us. The 3 disc mixtape features over 60 songs and is $15. The money from the mixtape will go towards supporting Tyree's beautiful five month old baby girl.

Also, for anybody that wants to write Tyree, I will make that address available shortly.

On a business note, R.A.R.E. Entertainment will not cease to exist in the absence of Tyree Colion. We still plan on gearing up for a big summer, starting off with the release of the Yung Huslas "Strickly Business Vol. 1", followed by a DVD.

Keep your eyes open and your ears listening.


I hope everythings cool with Tyree Colion so he can do that Bmore Movement.- Kenneth
Nygga got caught ryding dirty
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