Friday, June 16, 2006

Architects Recording Studio presents Street Radio Volume 2.5 (DJ Radio/Streetsweepers)

That's the cover of the first Street Radio up there, but whatever, I'm talking about 2.5, which came out a while back, at least a couple months ago. I'm not sure why it's only 2.5 and they didn't go straight to 3, I know that New York DJs like Big Mike do that too with Big Boy Game 10.5 and all that, and I never really understood it. Like, does that mean 2.5 is less important than 2, or they're waiting to do something big for 3? But anyway this is hot, maybe better than Street Radio 2. A lot of recent joints, music from Bossman and D.O.G. and Barnes and ShellBe RAW and more. And of course, the Streetsweepers squeeze a lot of NYC stuff in there from Papoose and Jae Millz. In fact, Jae Millz has a song called "Ghetto Boy" that jacks the same Donny Osmond sample that Dukeyman flipped on the recent B. Rich album.

Tim Trees - "Get Slick Wit It" (mp3)
I wrote about this a little when it first dropped months ago but it's really grown on me since then, I love all the punchlines Tim does in the first verse, it's like he kinda stepped his game up. Can't wait for that new album.

C.R. - "Know You Better" (mp3)
I kinda forgot about this song for a minute until 92Q started playin' it, but it's some good Baltimore R&B. C.R. is performing on the Believe tour right now too. I think he does his own production, and the beat on this track is really hot shit.

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