Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Barnes - The Last Shall Be First (Street Official/Sugar Water)

This album dropped back in April, but I've got a review of it in the City Paper this week (along with a review of the new Backland mixtape, which I'll post about later in the week, and a review by Jason Torres of the Gritty Gang mixtape I wrote about a while back). I posted Barnes' song with Joe Budden a few months ago, and that's on here, along with all his other songs that have been getting spins on 92Q. It's a pretty tight album, and it's got national distribution and you can buy it on iTunes and everything, so that's a good look. I don't really know what's up with Barnes these days, though, because a while back C Love posted a news story that said he'd been arrested as a suspect in a homicide, and people have been leaving "Free Barnes" and "come home soon" messages on his MySpace page. So hopefully he's not in some serious hot water right now.

Barnes f/ Highs-N-Pistol - "Tattoo Tears" (mp3)
I remember way back around last summer when 92Q was playing this song and I never really wrote about it because for the longest time I wasn't sure who it was by. So it's cool to finally have a copy of it, it's a kind of dark, spooky sounding song but it's a banger.

Barnes - "Middle East" (mp3)
One of my favorite tracks on the album, something to really rep our region with.

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Something was posted about Barnes being arrested and like I said way back when he was arrested, Barnes is innocent and to put the icin on the cake all charges were dropped yesterday and the case was dismissed. So pass the good news!!!!
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