Tuesday, June 13, 2006

D.O.G. f/ Jim Jones - "I Get Doe" (mp3)
This track has been on 92Q and local mixtapes like DNA's True Crime for months and months, but reading AllHipHop the other day (C Love mentioned it on her blog today too), I learned that D.O.G.'s Debonair Samir-produced Dipset collabo would actually be appearing on the Russell Simmons Music Group/Def Jam soundtrack to the major motion picture Waist Deep, alongside artists like Ice Cube, Redman and Ghostface Killah. One of the executive producers of the soundtrack, which just dropped today, is Baltimore native Tony Austin, the man that got Comp signed to Def Jam, so he's probably the one responsible for putting D.O.G. on the album. The original hook with Lil Wayne's voice has been re-recorded, I guess they couldn't get the "Go DJ" sample cleared. Still, that's a good look, big up to D.O.G., I gotta get that new mixtape.

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