Saturday, February 18, 2006

B. Rich - Born Rich (Sure Shot Recordings)

My review of this is in the City Paper this week. I know a lot of cats around here kinda look down on B. Rich for not representing Bmore with some real grimy hip hop or for being a one hit wonder, but dude is more lyrical than he gets credit for, especially on this album. I give him respect for coming back to the independent grind. More info on

B. Rich - "We All Doin' Time" (mp3)
This is the current single, if you haven't heard it already, and it's a good example of how some of his new stuff has a real serious message. On one of my old posts about this album, the dude B E L I E V E left a funny ass comment saying it "sounds like a horrible hybrid of the lil scrappy beat and the bow wow/ciara beat," but I think it sounds alright, makes me listen more to the lyrics.

B. Rich - "Birthday" (mp3)
This is one of the 4 songs produced by L.E.S. on the album, one of my favorites. It's really short and one of the more fun songs on the album, "Today my birthday, felt strange when I wake up/tired of stale bread, no cheese on my Steak-umm/called my Muslim homey, Assalam Alaikum”.

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Sound like B Rich step is game up. I'll check out his album real soon!
He has to be one of the most hated on rappers from this city.. but he does it big whenever he comes out.. im proud of this dude for real.. ok he got dropped from Atlantic.. but he jumped back on with a large indie.. SureShot recordings.. if he sells 15,000 he made out with some serious bread... keep doing it huge B-rich.. Despite what everyone else says im a fan and i study your hustle from front 2 back!
haha! I stand by my original comment, but just for the record: I liked the first cut he posted on his website--the title song, maybe? And that birthday track sounds good too. Still prefer the vibe of the 80 dimes single from 2003, but I guess that's my dukeyman bias.

And you are definitely on target with the Budden/Barnes song--been hearing that on the radio a bunch but couldn't place it until you linked it.

On another note. someone finally ponied up for a Virgin-approved Bossman Site:

it's throwing up some gnarly javascript errors for me though, hope they fix that up soon.
haha yeah, I saw that Bossman website, I was actually just about to post about that.
In my humble opinion, and as a great lover of music, B Rich is about as talented as they come... His songs are tight. His lyrics are tight... I listen to his music all the time driving around... I'm a huge fan of his... Proud to be from Bmore...
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