Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gov't Names 5th Anniversary Retrospective Pt. 6

And the hits just keep coming! Or really, songs that for the most part were hits in my mind only, or for a relatively small group of people. I surprised myself, though, when I looked at the whole 100 and realized that almost half the songs were things that had been played on 92Q at some point or another. Mostly club songs, but still, it's nice to think that many songs I've genuinely liked have impacted the station's airwaves, as much flak as people give the station about local artist airplay:

41. The Arabz - "Alright" (mp3) - January 15, 2006
42. C.R. - "Know You Better" (mp3) - June 16, 2006
43. K.W. Griff - "Tony Track" (mp3) - July 6, 2006
44. Golden Seal f/ Ooh of Brown F.I.S.H. - "Sistahs Pimpin'" (mp3) - July 13, 2006
45. Labtekwon - "Dr. Strangelove" (mp3) - July 20, 2006
46. Huli Shallone - "This My Hood" (mp3) - March 15, 2005
47. Davon f/ Tim Trees - "Be Ya Friend" (mp3) - July 27, 2005
48. B. Rich - "Whoa Now (Bmore Version)" (mp3) - July 25, 2006
49. Dirt Platoon - "Movin'" (mp3) - August 7, 2006
50. Mania Music Group - "Lunatic Fringe" (mp3) - November 13, 2008

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YOOOOOOOOO this is the best post ever! And you got that DP on there....love ya Al! that was a real treat to hear DNA say my name again. IBB all day! I am downloading them all.

haha, that mixtape had like 7 songs that i ended up including in this list, y'all packed the joints in on there! classic!
Whatever happened to Golden Seal? Seems they just dropped off the scene one day. I liked them alot.
Good question, I don't know. Golden Seal first really started making the scene around '98-2000, then kinda disappeared for a few years, and started making noise again in '06-'07, so who knows, maybe they'll pop back up eventually.
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