Thursday, July 06, 2006

Supa DJ Big L - The Reality - Season 1 (Unruly Records/Harm Squad Entertainment)

Aside from not being able to come up with a name that wasn't already used by a pretty famous rapper, DJ Big L is one of the nicer DJs on 92Q, he's on Rap Attack and sometimes does the club music sets. I think he said this is his first mix CD, or at least his first Baltimore club mix, you can get it at Downtown Locker Room locations, it's been out for a couple months already. I haven't copped a new club music CD in a while, most of the mixes I've been buying in the past year have been stuff from a few years ago by Reggie Reg, K.W. Griff, DJ Quicksilva, etc, and I only really write about new releases on here. Anyway, this has a lot of good recent tracks, a lot of the new Rod Lee stuff, since DJ Big L is with Harm Squad.

Bossman and Rod Lee - "Dance My Pain Away" Remix (mp3)
This is a few months old already, but I never posted it before because I didn't have a full version, and it's still such a crazy song. Rod's biggest club track of '05 all remixed up in the style of D.O.G.'s "Ryda Gyrl" remix, with Bossman on it and the beat switched up with some hot new drums, it's a wrap. I love that last verse. Bossman said there's gonna be 2 Rod Lee productions on his Virgin album, I guess "Oh" and this one, definitely gonna be a good look.

K.W. Griff - "Tony Track" (mp3)
Miss Tony passed away years ago so I'm not sure if this is just a real old track that I never heard til recently or if they sampled Tony's voice for a new track. Either way, great sample of John Williams' Superman theme, although when I saw Superman Returns last weekend, every time the theme music came on I got this song stuck in my head. A while back I interviewed Al "T" MacLaran, who did production on a lot of those early Frank Ski/Miss Tony/2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog club tracks, and he had a good Miss Tony anecdote, remind me to share that story sometime.

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Before you analyze the fact his name is not an original, know its history. Big L was given to him by another 92Q favorite and close friend, Porkchop. It was given as a friendly gesture implying he was a "SUPER HERO DJ". Then the "BIG" was added into the mix. Playing his actual size versus his large ability to make any age group get off their "asses" and proceed straight to the nearest dance floor.
Supa DJ Big L is no rookie to the game. This is not his first CD nor his last. The Reality: Season I hosts all of your club favorites with a few re-introduced classics and some remixed head bangers. He is a name you won't forget. Not because it is almost like someone elses but, because once you hear him mix you can't help jumping on the ban wagon.
This CD is one that has sold out and one you will play until it breaks. His name and local fame have been around long before I ever heard of the rapper, may he R.I.P.
Check out SUPA DJ BIG L on 92Q every Saturday live at Choices and Sundays on Rap Attack. In addition to hearing him on the radio and if you really are intrested in his talent, come check him out Fridays at The Paradox and Sundays at The 5 Seasons. For more information hit him up on MYSPACE.
So, the next time you post anything on that man make it accurate and do your research... and oh yeah if you call him BIG L, please say the mother fucking SUPA DJ!!!
damn, you sound mad about something. I wasn't disrespecting Supa DJ Big L, I like the CD and I like to listen to his mixes on the radio, I just pointed out that his name is similiar to someone else's who probably had it first. I know he's been DJing a long time, maybe it isn't his first CD but I was pretty sure that's what he said on 92Q one time, I could be wrong. but you don't have to get on the defensive, I was totally giving the man props, no disrespect intended.
No disrespect intended. He's family. Death before dishonor. No offense now taken or ever intended. Keep doing what your doing cause your doing a great job.
Thanks for the explanation. Not that you needed to give one but, I appreciate you clearing the air. Sometimes its not what you say it's how another person hears it.
I put Supa DJ Big L on to "Governement Names" this weekend. So you have another reader.
By the way this is his first CD with Unruly and Harm Squad. However, he has released numerous independent CDs varying from Hip Hop, R&B, and Club.
We are a pretty big family and we work hard on everything we do in life. So understand we will always be on the defensive. Defense wins championships. We would never be offesive because that's just for the moment. It MAY only win games. Thanks again!
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