Monday, August 07, 2006

C Love and DNA - Respect, Vol. 1 ( Table Music Group)

As a fellow Baltimore hip hop blogger, of course I've got a lot of respect for C Love and I support whatever she's doing. And after the last few months of controversy and fallout from her leaving Style Wars and feuding with DJ P-Funk, it was good to see her land back on her feet with a new monthly event at Sonar, a release party of her first mixtape with one of Bmore's biggest mixtape DJs, DNA, keeping it moving on a positive, productive tip. It's got a lot of good tracks, some of which I've talked about on here recently, like the "Bmore Shit" all star remix, the Dirty Hartz/Mullyman joint, Golden Seal's "Sistahs Pimpin'" and Bossman's new single, plus some nice exclusives. Comp's got a new joint on there with an "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night" sample, but The Federation and E-40 already got that idea first.

One thing I like about a disc like this is that since it was put together by someone who's really knowledgeable of the scene, it's got a personal perspective to it, a flavor that some various artist mixes lack. C Love knows damn near everybody, and she's got most of the big names on here, but then she's got respected people who just aren't on every other mixtape, like Brown F.I.S.H. and Real 2 Real. You can order the CD from DNA's site, and I'm sure C Love will be hustling the mix at a lot of upcoming shows. If you check out C Love's MySpace page, she's got a few songs from the mixtape on her audio player, the Backland track is one of my favorites.

ShellBe RAW f/ XO - "Damn Shells" (mp3)
This has been my favorite ShellBe RAW track since I heard it on Street Radio 2.5 a while back, I think her whispery flow sounds better over these smooth kinds of beats. She's got a new solo mixtape dropping soon, when I saw her at the OOWE party I got a sampler with a few tracks from that, good shit. XO is only on the hook here but he's got such an ill voice, he sounds good on anything.

Dirt Platoon - "Movin'" (mp3)
I'd never heard of Dirt Platoon before, but this is the last track on the CD and it kinda snuck up on me and became one of my favorites, and it's produced by Phathead, who's also done tracks for Real 2 Real and M.O.L.

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Thanks Al for checkin it out!

It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to be able to pull in people from different areas/circles and put them on one CD. I spent a lot of time on the phone and running around. This kinda of collaboration needs to occur more. You got people that follow the Annex Click and Blesst who have never heard a Brown F.I.S.H. track, but who are now fans. Its not that they hate on anyone not affiliated (as some ppl in this city do)...its just that they lack exposure. This CD was great exposure not only for the artists, but the consumers as well.

Im workin on the next one currently....I anticipate a few new stars will be emerging within a short period of time. Next time...we coming harder..much harder. This CD was mello as hell after I sat back and really digested it.

Thanks Again!
OH YEAH!!! All that jazz with P Punk was only test. I recognized that after some time and became determined to not let negativity (THE DEVIL) discourage me from a path that was chosen for me. I love hip hop...this extra crap out here has absolutely nothing to do with the culture (for real). If someone insults me...I am going to ignore them. No more rants....I have an image to uphold...LOL!

I always want to keep things fresh and innovative and now that a real group of passionate and genuine people have come into my life...I think I am ready to really do something major.

.....And since I've already been burnt in a big first time out the gate.....I know the signs.. I will not be got again. Ya heard!

Thanks Al....for always keepin it real!
Bigg up to C- love. Kenneth
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