Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Best Of Both Worlds, part 3: Dukeyman
A more detailed examination of the music discussed in my Baltimore City Paper article about the crossover between Baltimore club music and hip hop.

Ron "Dukeyman" Hall is one of the OG's of Baltimore club music period, countless club classics going back the early-mid 90's and all that. It's a shame that only one brief quote from him ended up in the final cut of my article, since he had a lot of interesting stuff to say about the current state of club music and his perspective on the hip hop scene. Here's some of my favorite hip hop beats that he's done:

B. Rich - "Whoa Now (Bmore Version)" (mp3)
People around here hate on B. Rich but he was really doin' his thing for a minute, even if it didn't really pan out, and Dukeyman's beat on this was one of the first real national looks for the Baltimore club sound. This is the original version that blew up in Baltimore, before Atlantic signed him and did a more polished remix for the video and all that. Dukeyman did most of the beats on that album, and produced a song on this year's Born Rich too.

Tim Trees f/ Contact - “Spaced Out (Yo, I'm So High)" (mp3)
This cut from Tim's first album might be my favorite hip hop beat with a video game sample ever, it's from Galaga or Space Invaders, one of those old games, it's just sick how well put together it is.

Bigg Patch - "Supaugly" (mp3)
This is a Bigg Patch joint that I first heard on the first Street Radio mixtape, crazy beat and easily one of my favorite joints by Bigg Patch.

B-Fly - “Take Me As I Am" (mp3)
B-Fly is a member of Brown F.I.S.H. that Dukeyman's done a few tracks with.

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