Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Best Of Both Worlds, part 5: DJ Booman
A more detailed examination of the music discussed in my Baltimore City Paper article about the crossover between Baltimore club music and hip hop.

DJ Booman is a real important figure in Baltimore club music, from the early days of Unruly Records up through is current work with the Doo Dew Kidz. I've mentioned him on here a couple times recently, including his recent features in the Baltimore City Paper and Music Monthly. He's also got the hip hop company Crooked Streetz and a lot of mixtapes, including the new Skarr Akbar Vs. Bossman mixtape. You can to get more music and info on Booman's MySpace blog, and here's a message he posted on his MySpace blog recently:

k, Im usually quiet on most shit, but when it comes to my music I gotta speak out! Im happy about the recent surge of exposure with the Baltimore Club scene but if I read another Blog, see another TV program, or see another magazine mention the history of the club scene and not mention the trailblazers like Myself, KW Griff, Jimmy Jones, Technics, 2 White Kids, DJ Class, Karizma, Patrick, Diamond K, Chase, Kenny B, Foe, Tapp, Tony, Boobie, Rod Braxton and the countless others that contributed to the most influential time in the music, theres going to be a problem!!!! I dont know about you but that MTV shit kinda pissed me off........not one mention of the OG's that put in the work to make this shit a real success!!! Yall can take this how you wanna but you better show respect to the cats that put it down.....yall aint gonna do us like muthafuckas did Bambatta and flash and the countless others that built hiphop only to have the next generations try to sweep them under the rug. We still doing this shit and its better than 95% the new shit thats out there now. Im going to start taking it on some old school shit and calling niggas out thats wack!!! point blank if you talk about the club shit and dont mention the real OG's we exposing your weak asses.....thats like talking about 90's basketball and not mentioning Jordan!!!! Stop trying to rewrite history and making yourselves hotter than you are, worry about your contributions to the game and leave it at that. The next time I have to write about this im naming names and Im issuing challenges to yall wack asses......YOU WILL BE EXPOSED!!!!!!!!And if you are exposed you better bring ya A game cause Im a fuckin Beast!!!!! Yall know what it is! check out the new joints coming to a Major Label near I say That???? Be on the look out for Booman, Jimmy Jones and Labtekwon collabo!!! Sex Machine and Hammer Dance.......Check out the Doow Dew Kidz and Labs myspace pages to listen to them....

That's real talk! Here's a couple of Booman's recent hip hop productions:

Booman f/ Labtekwon and Jimmy Jones - "Oh No (Watch Her Shake It)" (mp3)
A few weeks ago I posted Lab's Booman-produced "Sex Machine", and here's another track from their upcoming album. The City Paper's Big Music Thing includes another one of their collaborations, "Twurk Wit U" by the 410 Pharoahs.

D.O.G. - "Look In My Eyes" (mp3)
I believe that this track was done by Booman and Sean "Mocca" Banks's new production team, The Baltimore Boys, who specialize in Bmore club tracks mixed with live instrumentation. This is just a minute-long snippet from the Walking On Air mixtape, I guess the full song will be on the D.O.G. album.

Sonny Grams - "Uninvited" (mp3)
Here's a track from the Golden Seal mixtape I posted about recently that's also hosted and mixed by Booman. That Alanis Morrisette sample is crazy.

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Very indepth series!!!

*I met the guy that made shorty you phat at the show on Wed (Theo) ...he seems really cool!
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