Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Best Of Both Worlds, part 2: Blaq Starr
A more detailed examination of the music discussed in my Baltimore City Paper article about the crossover between Baltimore club music and hip hop.

Blaq Starr is a Baltimore club producer/DJ that I've written about several times before, most recently about his mixtape I'm Banging. And he's been bringing his sound to Baltimore hip hop for a while now too with a whole bunch of hits. He's got a new song with Cooli Hi, who he previously produced "Beat It Up" for, called "Take Down (Unruly's Harm Squad Mix)" (produced by Rod Lee with Blaq Starr on the hook), which is featured on the City Paper's Big Music Thing. According to Blaq Starr's MySpace page, he's throwing a party today, July 22nd, at Patterson Park Rec. 2601 E. Baltimore Street, so check that out.

D.O.G. f/ Yung Joc - “Ryda Gyrl” Remix (mp3)
I've already posted Blaq Starr's original club track and D.O.G.'s first remix, and here's the latest version featuring the ATL guy with the motorcycle dance. I'm still kinda skeptical about this being a good look for D.O.G., since Yung Joc isn't really the kind of guy who gets respect no matter how spins he gets, so not really the best national artist to be aligned with. But still, he sounds better on the record than I expected him to.

Blaq Starr - “Jiggle It” Instrumental (mp3)
The instrumental track to Young Leek's big single. Remember the original version, from before Leek got signed and he shouted out Blaq Starr on the intro instead of Stay Gettin'/Def Jam?

Blaq Starr - “Slyde” (mp3)
Here's a short snippet of one of the club tracks that was played in that MTV You Hear It First segment. I love that synth melody.

Tay-Eazy f/ Blaq Starr - “Slyde” Remix (mp3)
And here's the hip hop remix, which has the same hook over a completely different beat, by one of the other teenage MC's with questionable talent that Next Level has started pushing since Young Leek blew up. Blaq Starr raps a verse himself, and I like that he shouts out the Low Key God with the line "I stay hi like Stevie."

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