Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bigg Patch - Goldenboy Volume 2 (Diamond Life Records/Unruly Records)

I'd been hearing mixtape stuff from Bigg Patch over the past year, including song with Cappadonna that I posted a few months ago, although I haven't heard the first Goldenboy album. But this is the newer one that's currently available at Downtown Locker Room, some real good production on here from Dukeyman and Debonair Samir. Patch is going for that laid back don type image, sometimes the lyrics get a little repetitive and I don't like that every other chorus is from someone else's song, but still, there's some good jams on here.

Bigg Patch - "Don't You Know" (mp3)
Jess Harvell wrote a review of the album in the City Paper a few months back. He singled this out as one of the hottest beats and it's one of my favorites too.

Bigg Patch f/ B Rich - "Road To Riches" (mp3)
Good track with B. Rich back on a serious tip.

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