Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gov't Names 5th Anniversary Retrospective Pt. 4

Jeff made a suggestion in the comments box for one of these posts the other day that I should do a 5th anniversary show, too. I wish I had the time or energy for it, but these days I really don't. Maybe next year, maybe I'll hang in there for a 10th anniversary, really hard to say what the future of the site holds, although I could easily see myself trucking along for years and years. Anyway, more songs:

61. Mullyman f/ JI-900 - "Realest To Run It" (mp3) - January 21, 2006
62. Tim Trees - "Don't Make" Freestyle (mp3) - May 5, 2005
63. Height f/ Bow'N'Arrow - "Smash Your Eyes" (mp3) - May 28, 2007
64. Los - "10-Minute Million Dollar Massacre Freestyle" (mp3) - June 20, 2007
65. Rod Lee - "Hammerjacks Theme" (mp3) - May 17, 2006
66. Minlus McCracken - "MuFucka" (mp3) - August 21, 2007
67. K-Spin - "Why I'm Hot" (mp3) - September 20, 2007
68. Young Dip - "D.T.T.W.C." (mp3) - October 3, 2007
69. Say Wut - "Futuristic" (mp3) - December 30, 2007
70. PenDragon - "How Does It Feel" (mp3) - December 29, 2008

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Really at this point, I'm sure you could play general manager and get a coach (promoter(s)) to put together the team/line up and attach your government name to it and get it done. Organize and assemble it through the blog and watch the snowball effect come into play.
Yeah, it's a nice idea, I agree. I wouldn't want to attach my name to anything if I wasn't fully hands-on, though. Plus putting a show on with anyone in the scene would establish a business relationship that would make it impossible for me to write about them in the future (which is something nobody seems to realize when they talk about getting me on their team or whatever).
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