Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Young Dip - "D.T.T.W.C." (mp3)
Last year I reviewed a mixtape that had Young Dip on it, and earlier this year, Dip released a solo mixtape called You See Me?, and I remember a couple times back then he tried to send me a download link for the CD, but for some reason I could never get the files to work, probably because I'm dumb with computers. But I really loved one song that had been on his MySpace page at the time, kinda backlashing at the whole 'rock star' fashion thing that's been going on in hip hop: "death to the wallet chain/ that's the campaign slogan for the new year/ fuck a rock star!" The mixtape was out back in February, so the funny thing is this isn't even like a response to the Shop Boyz, because "Party Like A Rock Star" wasn't even out yet, at least not nationally, but that whole trend had already been going on for a while before that. So Dip is just kinda tearing down the whole fad in a really funny way on this song, which I dig. I mean, I grew up being really into rock music, and even I think all that cliche'd rock star clothing, leather jackets and chains and shit, is cheesy as hell. Dip's label, IMP Records, just came out with a new mixtape, Marketing And Distribution Volume 1, so when they got at me about sending me one, I asked them for a copy of this song because I still really needed it, and they hooked me up. I'll have to listen to the mixtape some more before I write about it here, but I just wanted to post up this song first because it's really one of my jams of the year.

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