Saturday, February 02, 2008

various artists - B-More Vibe Magazine presents Watch This! (mixed by Musse' Mus)

The timing of this post is pretty unfortunate, because a couple months ago B-More Vibe Magazine released its first mixtape, and put on a great release party show for the occasion, but I'm now getting around to writing about the CD here just a few days after it was announced that B-More Vibe is no more. You can read the full announcement here, so all I'll say is that I have a lot of respect for what Rogue and Me'Aze Millioni tried to do with the mag, but knowing what the market is like for print publications these days, I totally understand their decision. I only contributed to B-More Vibe a little bit and always wished I did more, but it is what it is. Let's talk about what they did accomplish, though, because this CD is pretty dope, with new material from D.O.G., UnReal, Ms. Stress, Tha Profitt, B.O.M.B, PenDragon, and even Rogue herself. I was impressed that they got virtually every artist on the mixtape to perform at the release party, too.

Remstarr - "Know Me" (mp3)
I have to admit that the real reason I'm posting this song is that about 28 seconds into the track, Musse' Mus says "Government Names dot Blogspot dot com." I've heard my government name shouted out on mixtapes a couple times now, but this is the first time I've heard Government Names itself shouted out, which is pretty cool. The song is good, too, though, I've never posted anything by Remstarr before but I see dude all over MySpace all the time.

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Hey Al, thanks for the good feedback. We are working on saving B-More Vibe but it may be an online publication only. Only time will tell but we are not giving up that easy. I wont let Rogue quit. Stay Tuned, more to come.
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