Thursday, April 12, 2007

Supa Producer Mus' and Me'Aze Millioni - Baltimore's Most Wanted: Hunt For The Best Emcee (Uniquity Productions/Jam Eazey Entertainment)

A few months ago, Musse' Mus' sent me a mixtape that I wrote about here. But already by then, his new project with Me'Aze Millioni, formerly a.k.a. Bosslady, was on the way and I'd been looking forward to that too. The first copy of it that I got was messed up, so I didn't finally get to hear it until I got another copy from Me'Aze this week, but it's nice to finally hear it. It's got some artists I heard for the first time on Mus's last mixtape (B.I.G. Status, Fort Knoxx, Mossburg), some artists I was already familiar with (Labtekwon, UnReal, M.O.L., Ms. Stress, Sonny Brown) and a few that I've never really heard before (Billy Lyve, Kardair, Lil Trife), so it's kind of a nice mix on there. Mus' just produced a handful of the tracks but there's some other good original beats on here too.

Sonny Brown - "Gingabread Man Freestyle" (mp3)
I was kinda hyped to hear this mixtape partly because Me'Aze told me that Sonny Brown shouts me out by name on it, and sure enough, he does in an ad lib during the first chorus of this track (and also on the "Sonny Brown Speaks" track that follows it on the CD). That's never happened to me before so I'm kinda geeked out about it. Thanks for that, Sonny!

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