Monday, December 11, 2006

Here's yet another article about The Wire's use of music by Bmore hip hop artists, from yesterday's edition of The Baltimore Sun. This one includes an interview with Mullyman, who says he was contacted by 3 major labels after his music was used on the show, and is negotiating a deal now. The article also says that The Wire tried to license music from Bossman, too, but had trouble doing so through Virgin Records (it also kind of hilariously refers to Bossman as being from West Bmore). If you missed it, here are some of my recent posts on this subject:

A rough guide to the connections between HBO's The Wire and Baltimore hip hop
as heard on The Wire, part 1
as heard on The Wire, part 2
as heard on The Wire, part 3
as heard on The Wire, part 4
as heard on The Wire, part 5

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These posts sure look great, too bad RapidShare sucks donkey balls. Switch over to YouSendIt or something so we can appreciate this stuff without entering secret codes and waiting out one-song-per-hour download limits.

I used to use YouSendIt back in the day, but those links would expire after like a week or some really small number of downloads, is it still like that? Because I'm pretty happy with how long the RapidShare links stay up.
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