Saturday, November 11, 2006

as heard on The Wire: part 2

Like I started doing a couple weeks ago, I gotta keep you up on the tracks by Baltimore artists that are being used in the current season of HBO's The Wire. Blake Leyh, The Wire's music supervisor and the guy who's responsible for getting a lot of real Baltimore music in the show, linked Gov't Names on his blog recently, which I thought was pretty awesome. Here's a track that appears in episode 46 airing this Sunday at 10:

Mullyman - "Get Ready (Bodymore Soldiers)" (mp3)
You might remember this song from when I world premiered it back in March, I guess it's gonna be on Hamsterdam 2. I love the part where Mully kinda makes fun of the cheesy explain-the-punchline solid-water-Ice-Cube style, "refusin' to slack up like I hate dress pants/ get it? slacks? dress pants? nevermind, fuck it." I've got another unreleased Mully/Darkroom joint from around the same time that they decided not to release and use the beat for something else that I think is pretty hot, maybe I'll get permission to leak it sometime. Mullyman's single "The Life, The Hood, The Streetz" is set to appear in the season finale, and I've already gotten word from Mully that he's going to do a big show in December to comemorate the event.

(illustration by Alex Fine)

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joe...bomb has a album coming out in feb...i'll give more info to u later....
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