Sunday, October 29, 2006

as heard on The Wire: part 1

As I noted a while back when there were articles about it in the New York Times and the Baltimore City Paper, HBO's The Wire is using original music by Baltimore hip hop artists for the first time in the 4th season. I'm glad they stepped up the music on the show, too. I remember that episode from the 1st season where there was "Ms. Fat Booty" in one scene and a Black Star song later, and I was like shit, as if people in Baltimore were listening to nothing but 90's Mos Def tracks? In 2002? Anyway, a lot of the songs will be appearing on the next Darkroom Productions mixtape, which isn't out yet, but when I hear a song I know already on the show, I'll post it so that people know what's up. The following songs appear in episode 44, which is airing tonight at 10:

Diablo - "Jail Flick" (mp3)
I've been tight with Juan Donovan and Darkroom since before Hamsterdam dropped, when I posted this song last year after seeing Diablo perform and copping the single. Still a hot song, shame it got ignored by 92Q at the time, but now it's on national TV so it's all good. The Fader featured another Diablo song, "Bitches In Bad Neighborhoods," in an iTunes mix accompanying their current issue, which has a big feature on The Wire.

Rod Lee - "Dance My Pain Away" (mp3)
Classic joint, and it seems like a lot of people were exposed to it for the first time when I posted it last year, which is pretty cool. Rod Lee just started a MySpace page, and he's dropping a new album on Unruly in December. Right now he's on tour with Spank Rock, who I still really can't stand, they played in Baltimore the other day and I think it's kind of a shame that Rod Lee is opening for them even here at home, but it was an indie rock club so I guess that makes sense, that's Spank Rock's audience.

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Do you know who's doing this season's version of the "keep the devil down in the hole" themesong?
the HBO site says it's by "DoJaMe," and I remember that a David Simon interview said that this season's theme was done by some kids from Maryland.
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