Saturday, August 26, 2006

"The Club Queen" K-Swift - The Jumpoff Vol. 7: The Summer School Edition (Unruly Records)

I've got at least 4 or 5 other K-Swift club CD's, but this is her first one since getting all over MTV repping Baltimore club music in a big way, and the first that I've picked up in a while, maybe not since Club Queen Vol. 6: The Return, and the only other Jumpoff CD I've got is the very first one in the series. And though she's got different mix series with specific purposes, like the line for the kids with all the swears edited out, or in the opposite direction, the aggressive Strictly For Tha Streets mixes, to tell the truth I have no idea what the difference, if any, is between the Club Queen series and the Jumpoff series. They both just seem like collections of whatever's hot in the clubs at the moment. In any event, she's back with another hot mix from Unruly, and although the CD store on K-Swift's site is temporarily closed right now, the mix is available at DTLR and the Sound Garden.

I'm not sure yet whether I think this is as good as Supa DJ Big L's new CD, but it's got some good joints on it like the new Cooli Hi, both versions of "Slyde,", lot of the new Rod Lee stuff. I particularly like Tigga's "What Again," which is like a crazy megamix of a bunch of different Bmore club tracks with Lil Jon shouting samples, all blended up together.

Rod Lee - "Music Rock It" (mp3)
Rod Lee putting a little bug in your ear about that old feeling you used to get from rockin' music back when you could party in peace. Sort of on the same sentimental tip as "Dance My Pain Away" but more mellow, I like it a lot more than some of his more aggressive new tracks like "When You Gonna Let Me" and "Da Block."

DJ Chris J. - "Aww Track" (mp3)
Probably the best track I've ever heard from DJ Chris J., I've also seen it referred to as "HH Theme" for some reason, but it sounds like it's just a loop of some of those stuttering sounds from the "Stay Fly" chorus.

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