Friday, April 02, 2010

Bossman - Block Work: The Tester featuring Bossman (DJ Jabril)

Obviously, the big news with Bossman lately has been the song and the concert he did with Mullyman, but he's been moving forward with his own solo career too. He just launched a new official website,, and is prepping his official album with MySpace Records, The Re-Up, for release in May. And the latest in his never ending stream of underground mixtapes is the third installment in and DJ Jabril's Block Work series (the first two being Barnes and the Gritty Gang). There's a few familiar tracks on here, including the joint with Reks and Statik Selektah I posted a while back, the "Break Me Off" remix with Gucci Mane, Raheem DeVaughn, Jim Jones and NOE, and the "Where They Do That At" remix (just Boss's verse and Paula Campbell's part appear here), and it's got that goofy "All Over You" single he's pushing right now (or as I call it, the "Imma need pampers" song). But for the most part it's an hour of new music, mostly freestyles over current radio hits but also some new songs, with beats by 1Up Ent. and other producers, featuring D.O. from NEK and 100 Grandman and TestMe.

Bossman f/ 100 Grandman - "I'm Da Man Where I'm From" (mp3)
This song is pretty dope, and kinda plays off both of their names ending in "-man." Really this probably shoulda been the song he did with Mullyman if you ask me.

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Your a smart dude, maybe Mully can get on that remix.

Took me a few plays to actually like this mixtape though, he really phones it in. Like the freestyle he did over "Say Something" where he says sh!t in every line.

I think he has an obsession with sh!t right now to be real, that freestyle and the "Imma need Pampers" song, lol, but yeah, I hope he saved the REALLY good material for the album.
Yeah, he's been doing the shit theme in his rhyme for a couple years now, since that "Flush Em All" song, but it's all just Lil Wayne biting, and it gets a little gross and over the top even when Wayne does it. It's just like Comp doing the "what else" style, if you're gonna work a theme so often it becomes your thing, then it should be something YOU came up with, not just something mainstream artists are already doing.
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