Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bossman f/ Gucci Mane, Raheem DeVaughn, Jim Jones and NOE - "Break Me Off (Remix)" (mp3)
"Break Me Off" is already pretty much the biggest record of Boss's career to date, but it hasn't quite popped off nationally yet, so hopefully a remix with a few big names will put it over the top. Jones brings along NOE to do a few bars back and forth on his verse, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear another Bmore artist on here since I didn't see NOE officially billed on the track anywhere else on the net. Raheem does a nice little melodic addition to the chorus, One Up flipped the beat with some new drums, and Gucci kills it on the opening verse. Nah Right posted this the other day too, along with "Back It Up" and DJ Class's "Dance Like A Freak," although the track didn't seem to get a great response over there (or at least all the comments are about how tight Bossman's shirt is in the picture in the post). Also spotted it on

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Al, did you have to pick a site that showed this track in a bad light? Hell they weren't even talking about the track. BTW The track exploded and is all over the internet. You could have selected a more prominent site that the track is featured on such as Vibe, XXL or On Smash just to name a few. Do a google search and you will see for yourself that the track is all over the net and is receiving rave reviews.

At Nah Right they didn't even comment on the track they just tried to make fun of the shirt. The site itself acted as though Bmore hiphop wasn't worthy with their opening statement. That's ok it really doesn't matter this song will be number 1 in the nation soon. Bmore hiphop will be on the map and Bossman will blow now that he has Interscope (the machine) behind him.

Hey, I might be bias ( I'm a Bossman fan) but these are my thoughts.
Hey, I think it's interesting when a Baltimore track gets posted on the bigger rap blogs, whether the reaction is good or bad or ugly, and when Nah Right posted "Jail Flick" I linked to that for the same reason. Really I was commenting more on what a goofy homosexuality-obsessed bunch the Nah Right peanut gallery is, more than anything else. If you got an issue, take it up with them, not me.
Bossman need to stop acting like he represent street niggas in Baltimore then turn around rock some ball huggers, and tight shirts. da fuck wrong wit yo, and who gives a fuck bout the record exploding anyway? if it does, it wont be because of Bossman it will be because of the features on it, so what good does his song do for baltimore hip-hop as a whole? and secondly mr Barry suk a dick , AL goin keep it real, fuck ya feelings nigga. tell Bossman stop fucking embarrasing us real street niggas in the fuck you go on NATIONAL TELEVISION with a outfit on tighter than the bitches walking pass in the backround got on, then kick a freestyle about your belt?????? COME ON NOW !! i would have rather seen Skarr Akbarr's wack ass go on TV and embarass us with his mediocre rhymes, because atleast he would have wore some baggy jeans or something. Bossman look like he wanted Memphitz to squeeze his butt or something...THUMBS DOWN>>FUCK THAT RECORD !!!
lol at the last post. Your not no street nicca. The ones I know don't spend their time posting on blogs. You have your facts wrong anyway; that picture was taken for a Bmore shirt company that makes those shirts and he did not wear that on the BET's the deal.

Furthermore you don't have to be from the street to blow in hiphop anyway. The hottest up and coming dude in the game is an actor(Drake).

BTW ain't know street dude going tell another to suck a ****. Come on man be for real!!!

You know as well as I know Bossman is the nicest rapper in the City! Point blank period!
Actually BACKLAND is the nicest in the city, lets be serious here. On another note, lets just support one another and stop the hate
na los is the best in the city al u need to put a post up on him
I've put up a lot of posts about Los in the past and wrote a feature about him:

Haven't heard much from him recently, if he has new music out let me know where I can hear it.
check his youtube page badboyent23 he got a mixtape on dat piff called g5.2
yea Los is nice as shit, he definatly top 5, but Backland got him faded hands down
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