Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mullyman f/ Bossman - "Imma Be More (Remix)" (mp3)
I gotta say, even though they officially buried the hatchet a while ago (the above photo was taken in 2007) and this isn't the first time they've technically been on a track together (both were on the "Where They Do That At" remix a few months ago), it's still pretty exciting to see these guys do a proper collabo after all these years of on-again off-again beef and bullshit. This is off Mully's forthcoming album Harder Than Baltimore, and Bossman's album The Re-Up is on the way as well.

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Eh, maybe they should have just started from scratch.
I was kind of disappointed to see that their first collab alone is a remix of one of Mully's songs but its a tight track none the less.
yea this pretty much sucked, more hype than anything
I guess my excitement kinda set people up for disappointment, and I agree they coulda picked a better track, I was never a big fan of the original. Still, as a gesture I think it's great (and the last verse where they go back-and-forth is pretty dope) and kinda opens the door for them to possibly do more and better tracks in the future.
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