Thursday, December 17, 2009

DJ Quicksilva f/ Pork Chop, Skarr Akbar, Q, Smash, 100 Grandman, Barnes, Tiara Laniece, Los, Comp, Bossman, Paula Campbell, JP and Mullyman - "Where They Do That At? (Bmore Remix)" (mp3)
It's funny, I was just thinking recently about this song, which the station DJ Quicksilva works for, WKYS, has been playing so much, and the D.C. remix I'd been hearing more recently, and wondering if Quicksilva spinning at a Washington station the last few years had kinda made him forget his Baltimore roots -- his Hot Boy Vol. 1 was one of my favorite Unruly mix CDs back in the day, and Tim Trees credits him with being the first DJ to break "Bank Roll." But it turns out I shouldn't have worried about that, because apparently the Baltimore remix has been out for a few weeks, but I somehow didn't hear about it until Brandon on No Trivia mentioned it, and it's got a really impressive lineup. Really, of all the Baltimore posse cuts there've been over the years, this might be the single biggest gathering of prominent MCs on one track that I've ever seen. Shame it happened with such a goofy-ass song that's a bigger hit in D.C., though, and even at 6 minutes there's only enough room for each rapper to do a little 8 bar verse so nobody gets to really stretch their legs or leave a big impression. Anyone have any idea who Tiara Laniece or JP is?

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No clue who Tiara Laniece is but she sound nice. -- found on twitter and private profile on myspace.

Nice posse cut -- winner -- LOS

I feel you on the Los verse, that line about Diddy fumbling is DOPE!

Anywho, I found that DC/DMV version and B-more version bodied it, no bias.
They killed the DC version hands down...and coming from me..that should mean something..even tho it was few shaky verses in there..skarr..comp..tiara(who is that?) not disqusted tho so whatever..Bossman shit could of been better, or maybe I just cant see Bossman being no drug dealer, maybe thats why I dont "feel" it
I disagree on the Skarr verse, he came off clean. Bossman dialed it in like you usually does posse cuts and Comp could have came better, he's my fave b-more emcee, but he still was FAR from wack. The only complaint i got was Pork Chop cornball verse.
100 Grand did alright on this one. Most of his stuff is gimmicky but he flowed on here.
JP Is Japiro formely of the group M.E.P
Yeah Tiara LaNiece is an up and coming female rapper in the Baltimore area who has appeared on a few Bmore artist Mixtapes...Look Out for her in a few months
That's pretty vague -- can you tell me what mixtapes she appeared on, or what projects I should be looking out for? Or who she is, how she got an opportunity as big as this song, etc.?
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