Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mullyman f/ Smash - "I'm All About It" (mp3)
Mullyman - "Bmore Go Harder" (remastered mp3)
The seemingly never-ending series of great Mullyman/DJ Booman collaborations continues, and I'd be remiss if I didn't post this one. I know I was a little critical of Smash's big breakthrough hit "Bit Too Much For Me" (and believe me, the song's producer was definitely not happy with me), but it's pretty cool to see Mully reaching out to work with someone who's kinda the new kid on the block like Smash and this song came out really dope. I originally posted "Bmore Go Harder" last month but this is the newly remastered version, which they're shooting a video for in a couple weeks. It really only started to sink in with me recently how dope Mully's 3rd verse on that song is for the way he references a bunch of important Baltimore club tracks (along with "Bit Too Much For Me") and Booman cuts in samples of each of those songs. The tracks are:

Jimmy Jones - "Watch Out For The Big Girl"
DJ Class - "I'm The Ish"
Rod Lee - "Enjoy Yourself"
Cajmere - "Coffee Pot (It's Time for the Perculator)"
Miss Tony - "What's Up What's Up"
Miss Tony - "Pull Ya Guns Out"

Of course, "Perculator" is actually a Chicago house record, but Baltimore club has kind of adopted it as its own at this point.

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