Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The latest video directed by Sleepin Giant Media is for "Bit Too Much For Me" by Smash and Young Crip, which you've probably heard many times since last summer if you listen to 92Q. I gotta say, I don't know these dudes and I kinda like the song, but I really don't understand why a radio station would put so much push behind local artists for a song that basically jacks the beat from a 4-year-old Lil Jon single. It's the same thing with that TestMe song they keep playing with the "Sweet Dreams" sample; why play the hell out of a song that could never go national, because the artists would get hit with a lawsuit if they ever tried to release it officially? I'm not hating, just thinking out loud, but this is kind of one of those things that makes me feel like people around here are really short-sighted and not really trying to make hits that can go the distance.

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because money makes both the world and records go round.
Al, I agree with you, that SOME artists in Baltimore are a little "short sighted" when it comes to making records. Unfortunately, it seems many artists in the area are focused on making music for the block instead of making records for the world. I think the best hip-hop records are when the artist can lyrically and sonically balance regional with global. But I also think in this day and age chasing radio (especially 92Q) has stunted the growth of Baltimore hip-hop. I've heard a few records last year out of the area that had national hit potential, but they received little to no airplay, (but that's another discussion). It seems like alot of artists in the area are behind when it comes to taking advantage of the digital world. I think if more cats in the area focused on making "digital hits" rather than "radio hits", and put their energy into gaining fans from the internet, the area would be a force to be reckoned with. Besides my company, I barely see music featured from Baltimore's biggest local stars on other blogs, and that's not cool. Hopefully, that changes this year, because Baltimore has alot of potential stars in the area, that I think the world would be drawn to. Aight Al, thanks always for your support, sorry for leaving a book in your comments section. Deuces.
In 2 words..."I Agree."
Sleeping Giant really has their production chops together - every time I see something they put out, I'm impressed. Most Baltimore videos are terrible.

Issues with the actual song aside, I think Sleeping Giants deserves props for putting out almost near television quality videos for relatively unheard of artists. The end product simply does what it's supposed to - showcase the musician AND position them as quality enough to play with the big boys. (100 grand man's video is a perfect example. This video has a few problems, but is close.) And considering they can do what they do for a pretty small budget compared to their major-label counterparts, even with a less-than-great song and story line, all the more respectable.
I totally agree about Sleepin Giant, they do really impressive work. Check out the article on them I wrote a couple months ago if you haven't already.
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