Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's been a while since I did a post full of short news items and links, but here's some interesting stuff:

- Baltimore Club Classics Vol. 1, the first in a series of vinyl reissues that came about as a result of my Government Names post that Crosstalk was looking for club music vinyl, will be available soon, and I have an interview with Dukeyman on Noise about the record. Soon there'll be more records in the series by Diamond K, DJ Technics, K.W. Griff, DJ Chuck, DJ Class, K-Man and others.

- OkayPlayer.com has a favorable review of E Major's Majority Rules.

- Yet another magazine did a scene profile of Baltimore, this time Blender, which talks about Blaq Starr, among others (link via Midnight Sun). There was also a post on the Rolling Stone blog that went a little more in-depth than the article in the magazine and features audio of the Ogun and G.E.M. singles off of the forthcoming Darkroom Productions album. Michael Byrne also wrote a reaction to the Rolling Stone piece on Noise, and Brandon Soderberg wrote a reaction to the Baltimore zine in XLR8R on his blog, No Trvia.

- The Fader blog had a recent throwback post about DJ Technics' The Main Event EP.

- The Chavy Boys Of London, the new side project by Scottie B., Sean Caesar and King Tutt, was featured in a recent City Paper article by Michael Byrne about side projects by Baltimore musicians.

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