Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was recently contacted by Phillip from Crosstalk, a Chicago-based music distributor that specializes in dance music, and exports to Japan and Europe in addition to shipping around the U.S. They're looking for Baltimore club vinyl to distribute, because right now they only have a little, mostly from non-Baltimore labels, and it sells really well for them. So I'd love it if some local labels were able to take advantage of this opportunity and move more records out of town. I know a lot of Baltimore club DJs have moved to Serato and a lot of the big tracks don't even make it to vinyl anymore, but Crosstalk's sister company Super Bro also presses up vinyl for small labels. If you're interested in working with them, e-mail crosstalk@crosstalkchicago.com, tell them Al sent you. And if you distribute any records through them, let me know they'll be available. I hate that I write about all this great Baltimore club music on the internet and then most of the people who read about it can't find the records anywhere. There is a worldwide audience out there for this stuff, there is a profit to be made, so I hope somebody does something with this info I'm giving you right now. And if any other distributors or labels or stores are interested, drop me a line, I'll put your info up, too.


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