Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Musse' Mus' presents Rep Ur State Vol. 1 East Coast City Edition (Beats The Hard Way Music/Uniquity Productions)

Musse' Mus' (which is apparently pronounced like Moosey Moose) is a producer who e-mailed me a while back about his music. Last year he released a various artists mixtape on which he produced most of the tracks (aside from "Post Up" by Dirty Hartz, which was produced by Debonair Samir), similiar to Darkroom Productions' two Hamsterdam mixtapes. He's got another mixtape dropping soon, hosted by Bosslady, called Baltimore's Most Wanted, again with most tracks by Super Producer Mus', but this one has been out since last year. There are some artists I'm familiar with on here like Mr. Whitefolkz and Don Brody, as well as a hot track with Bossman and Grafh on it, along with a lot of MCs I haven't heard of, some of whom are pretty good and I might have to start checkin' for. Check out Musse' Mus's label Uniquity Productions for more info.

B.I.G. Status - "Line Up" (mp3)
Bosslady actually send me a mixtape by B.I.G. Status that I haven't listened to yet, but it looks like this track isn't on it, and it's probably my favorite track on this CD.

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