Thursday, February 22, 2007

B.I.G. Status - Green Day (12/12 Enterprises)

You might remember the B.I.G. Status track I posted from a Musse' Mus' mixtape a few weeks ago (he was also on the Bosslady mixtape I posted about recently). I thought the song I posted was bananas, so I was looking forward to hearing a whole project by him, and I wasn't disappointed by this. There aren't many clear standouts I like as much as "Line Up," but it's pretty consistent. His voice is strong and clear and not particularly unique, but he can flow and it's just straight up aggressive all the way through, might really be one of the best Bmore mixtapes I've heard lately. Comp even makes a little cameo on here. Dude is performing at Coppin State on February 26th and March 3rd, and Kevin Vega from his label, 12/12, has a show on Deep Flow Radio now.

B.I.G. Status - "The Life" (mp3)
Some great original production on here, particularly by Donland Hitmen, and this track is one of my favorites.

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