Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bear - All We Got Is Us (For The People Entertainment)

Bear is yet another MC from For The People Entertainment, whose artists Billo and Cutthroat I've written about in the past (and both of whom make guest appearances on this album). Apparently this was originally released last year, but because Bear plays or played college ball and had a busy schedule, the CD didn't really get promoted at the time, so FTP is re-releasing it in '07 before Bear drops his 2nd album. I think Ace from FTP has a new release coming out, too. This album is dedicated to a rapper named Young Jit who died in 2004, and a few Young Jit freestyles are featured throughout the CD. No production credits, but it definitely feels consistent with the sound on the other releases I've heard from the label, with these nice low key, synth-driven beats. The track "Hip Hop," which is one of my favorites, can be heard on the FTP MySpace page.

Bear - "Rainy Nights" (mp3)
This is one of my favorite tracks, good vibe on here.

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