Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For The People Entertainment is a Baltimore-based label that I've been in contact since I wrote about their artist Billo's mixtape a few months ago. Besides Billo, the artists on FTP's roster include Ace, Bear, Cutthroat, Lil' Shank and Yuk & Cut, and I believe all of the above are also members of the group The Squadre Committee. A while back they sent me a big package with a binder of information about the label, a DVD trailer, and a CD sampler from each of the artists. It seems like no two artists on the label sounds the same or even really makes the same kind of hip hop, which is kind of refreshing, you don't see that too often. They've got a few releases coming up soon from Billo and Cutthroat, but in the meantime, here's a few of my favorite tracks from those samplers:

Squadre Committee - "What's Good In The Hood" (mp3)
The Squadre CD is the only sampler that has 7 full tracks, and this is my favorite out of that batch, nice cinematic string loop.

Billo - "Where Da Block At" Remix (mp3)
When I posted about Billo's Daily Grind Volume One, I posted the original version of "Where Da Block At," but the remix is a whole new track, different beat and everything.

Cutthroat - "Exquisite" (mp3)
Cutthroat seems to be on more of a conscious tip, this track has a great beat and some deep lyrics, I'm looking forward to hearing more of his stuff.

Yuk & Cut - "Pimp Eazy" (mp3)
Now this beat is just hot. The way they scratch up that Juelz Santana sample is nice, too.

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All these brothas rep where they from. The label is packed with talent no doubt.
This label is full of a unique group of talented men. I've been to several shows over the past two years and I have yet to be let down. Each artist or group has their own style all of which are desirable to any hip-hop lover. This is a label full of people who not only love what they do, but are good at what they do. For The People Entertainment definitely as a bright future in the hip-hop industry, if you haven't already, go to one of the shows, you wont be disappointed.
Bear, Yuk, Cut, Billo all of 'em they bringing fresh flava to the streets of baltimore
I hope y'all know you don't have to create a Blogger account to comment on a post here.
Stop doubting and open your eyes free yourself from hate!
uh wtf
These dudes are the truth how can I get on?
Ben and Family Tiez are my favorite. Shout out to C-Money!
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