Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Billo "The Hood Rockstar" - Daily Grind Vol. 2 "We Got Another One" (For The People Ent.)

Yet another review I had in the City Paper last week was of the latest mixtape from Billo. I've written about his first mixtape Daily Grind Vol. 1 and his label For The People Entertainment here in the past. This new one's definitely his best stuff that I've heard from him to date, it's got the "Where The Block At" remix and a lot of other good tracks. The whole FTP/Squadre Committee crew is performing at Sonar on December 7th, I'll post that flyer soon.

Billo - "Going Through Some Things" (mp3)
This is the first song on the mixtape and it's really kind of powerful for a kind of introspective song to be right at the beginning, when most rappers bury this kind of song at the end of a CD.

Billo - "Stand Up Guy" (mp3)
There are a few kinda catchy club-friendly songs on here but this one's definitely my favorite.

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good shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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