Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cutthroat - Words Can't Explain It Chapter 2.5 (For The People Entertainment)

Cutthroat a.k.a. Cutty Da Great is a Puerto Rican rapper from Baltimore who's a member of the Squadre Committee and a solo artist on For The People Ent. When I wrote about the label a couple months ago, Cutthroat's "Exquisite" was one of the tracks I posted, and that's still probably my favorite track on here. But there's plenty of good stuff on here, all original beats produced by FTP, kind of on an introspective conscious tip.

Cutthroat - "Walk With Me" (mp3)
Is that a sample of the Rocky & Bullwinkle theme that I hear?

Cutthroat - "If I Die" (mp3)
This one is so good it makes me curious about exactly who did the beat.

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dude is on the china town bus!
There's a Puerto Rican in Baltimore?!
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