Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Logik of Loaded Clipz Entertainment is an MC/producer who's been sending me some of his tracks to check out. In the next few weeks he'll be dropping a mixtape with DJ RPM called BODYMORE MURDALAND-Itz A Movement featuring DK, UnReal, Comp, Backland, Ogun and more. But in the meantime, he's got a lot of beats streaming on his Soundclick page, and he's performing this Thursday, August 31st at the Latin Palace at the Johnel mixtape release party. here's some of my favorite songs that he's produced:

XO - "The Basics" (mp3)
This is the first track I heard produced by Logik, when it was on Street Radio Volume 2.5 and it's still probably my favorite. Like I said when I posted his song with ShellBe RAW, XO has a real ill unique voice, all grimey and gruff, I'm always checking for his songs on mixtapes.

Hazardous - "Home of Heroin" (mp3)
Hazardous, the Style Warz champ, on a real mellow Logik beat talking introspectively, some really sad mournful sounding shit.

Logik - "Put Ur Ls Up" (mp3)
And here's Logik rapping over one of his own beats.

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Yo Al much love on the review fam..u kno i appreciate it my nig...Holla at ya boy

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