Sunday, March 05, 2006

Under Sound Music presents - Breaking Ground, Vol. 1

I reviewed this compilation in the City Paper a couple weeks ago, and I was a little negative in my review, but I have to admit, that's due probably more to my distaste for a lot of backpacker rap than the quality of the product. There was some discussion of my review on the Elements Party message board, but the Under Sound folks took the criticism pretty well and at least appreciated the press and that I compared them to Rawkus. So it was good that they understood where I was coming from, because y'know, I respect everybody's grind, but I also have to be honest as a critic. And there are definitely some tracks on here that I liked. Check out the Under Sound website for more info.

Bigg Patch f/ Cappadonna - "Simple Logic" (mp3)
This song has a real strong anthemic quality, Cappadonna adds a nice little Wu Tang flavor to it. Shout out to Bigg Patch, I need to hear more of his stuff.

Ab Rock - "With Ease" (mp3)
Ab Rock is one of the Style Warz champs and competed in Super Style Warz, matter fact one of the night's best battles was between him and Symph from Tha Plague. This is a real laid back track, though, shows a different side of him than battling.

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