Monday, July 21, 2008

DJ Booman - The Return EP

Since I just posted the other day about another release called The Return (which Booman also appears on), I might as well talk about this one now too. It's an 8-song digital EP that Booman dropped in June, featuring a lot of his recent club tracks like the "Flashing Lights" remix (although it doesn't have the newer "Lookin' Boy" and "Closer" remixes. There are 2 tracks that are tributes to Bo Diddley and James Brown built around samples of their music. You can preview and purchase the whole thing on his MySpace and is definitely worth checking out. Booman is just on fire this year, constant good music coming from him lately, including the 410 Pharoahs album out on August 4th.

DJ Booman - "Love The Way" (mp3)
No idea what the sample is on this but this shit is gorgeous, with some really creative drum programming.

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The sample Booman uses on "Love The Way" is from Luther Vandross' classic slow jam, "Forever, For Always, For Love." Real crazy the way he doubles the sample up over an unorthodoxed Bmore club beat. I see Boo still doin his thing. Big ups!
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