Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mullyman - The Return (DJ Gemini/Major League Unlimited)

I feel like Mullyman has come a long way in the three years since Mullymania, going from kinda being known for things like beef and getting famous rappers to guest on his tracks, to being known for all the right reasons, consistently dropping good music and putting on strong live performances, he's really earned his spot. At this point he could drop a whole CD of just recent singles and guest appearances, and that's kinda what this is, give or take a few new tracks, and I'm not complaining. "Move Over" with DJ Booman and Ray Lugar and "Party Walk" are two of my favorite songs out of Bmore from the past few months, and those are on here along with other singles like "I'm Good There" and "Hustleman Shuffle" and previously released collabs with Nik Stylz, Ogun, Bless and Young Dip, and new collabs with Verb and Lady D. I think this has been out for at least a couple months now, but I didn't get a chance to cop it until the Teop show at Sonar, where Mully put on one of the craziest performances I've seen in a minute, just a ridiculous amount of energy. He also had a DVD release party shortly after that, but I haven't seen the DVD yet. It's funny, even though every time I see Mully now he tells me that he's been staying in ATL, he keeps popping up here doing shows, so I'm glad he's still maintaining a presence here even as he's making moves elsewhere. Go check out him on MySpace and get this mixtape.

Mullyman - "Superstar" (mp3)
I was not a big fan of the beat from the Lupe Fiasco song, but Mully works with it pretty well here, and I love the way DJ Gemini scratches in that Jeezy line from the official remix, "every time I watch The Wire it's like I just left Bmore."

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