Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DJ Booman - "Lookin' Boy (Club Remix)" (mp3)
DJ Booman - "Closer (Club Remix)" (mp3)
I know I've been posting Booman tracks here a lot lately, but if anyone else e-mailed me new music as often as him that was as consistently good as his, I'd post their shit all the time too. Here's Baltimore club mixes of 2 of my favorite singles of the '08, by Hot Stylz and Ne-Yo, respectively. The "Lookin' Boy" one is especially ill because he ran the vocals from the original through autotune, which sounds weird at first but gets kind of awesome once the dudes start hitting high notes like on the "Soul Glow" part. Booman also has a new club music EP called The Return (which these tracks aren't on) that's really good available on his MySpace, but I haven't gotten around to writing about it yet. The Lady D song on his page is really good, too.

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