Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tha Profitt / Kezey - Nosebleed Section / Dumbass The Seed (Profitt Productions)

In addition to his frequent solo mixtapes, Tha Profitt seems to be doing more and more collaborative ventures these days, including releases that showcase his whole label roster and split releases that feature a solo record by him and another by someone else. Last year there was a double CD with Scryptz, and this one is on the same tip, although it's just on one CD, with Profitt on the first 20 tracks and Kezey on the last 13 tracks. Nosebleed Section is one of the better Profitt releases I've heard, partly because he's not recycling a bunch of songs from his other CDs like he usually does. Also, he's really starting to kind of carve out more of an identity, because the dude really grinds hard and works at this music thing, and he kinda talks about the toll that takes on him on this album, and lets you in on his life a little more, which I think makes the songs more interesting and relatable. He's still got a weird voice and is probably kind of an acquired taste, but the kid can definitely flow. I wasn't really feeling the Kezey half, though, that guy just can't ride a beat to save his life, should be just doing poetry or something. Profitt's side of the CD features guest verses and drops from local artists including Skarr Akbar, TestMe, Bossman, Stackz, Mullyman and Alicia Peace, as well as appearances by Lil Fame from M.O.P. and Termanology and Tech N9ne. You can download this at and, and this weekend Tha Profitt is performing at the Black Hole on Friday and at The Quarter on Saturday.

Tha Profitt f/ Sylence, Heavy Gold and Tony Bosco - "On My Way" (mp3)
This is the best of a handful of posse cuts on the CD, and I had to post it since Tony Bosco gets so much hate in the comments section here and his verse on this is pretty dope.

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Profitt has great ideas, including sh!t like this.

But as a rapper, your right, very acquired tatse so I wasn't surprised at all to see Tech Nine in the liner notes.

I think he just needs to find a dope emcee and push him.(I wonder if he still has Forbidden's number?)

On a sidenote, his video game is also official, dude does great vids, he def came up in that field. His joint with Comp is really good.
This is his best release to date....His new cd is about to drop in a week or so.... He is def grinding..... I think as a rapper he has got a lot better and and now finding his voice/personality... i like this cd..."boom boom boom" thats my shit!
< The real "Stackz" that aint me on that track
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