Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tha Profitt / Scryptz - The Co-Op: Popular Catch Phrases / Motion Picture Music (Profitt Productions)

Profitt's got a new mixtape coming out soon that I posted a track from recently, but I was going through my CDs and realized he puts stuff out so frequently that I had one out a while back that I never posted about. This is a double CD, one by him and one by another Profitt Productions artist, Scryptz. Profitt's half has guest appearances by Skarr Akbar, Bossman and Comp. I've never really heard Scryptz before and he's alright, kinda ain't good at staying on the beat, which gets on my nerves a bit, but he's got a good ear for beats and generally raps like he means it and isn't boring. He references and gives props to Big Pun a few times, and I feel like that's always a really encouraging influence for an MC to have, Pun was the shit.

I've always been impressed by Profitt's grind and have been supportive of how much music he puts out, but I gotta say, he recycles the same songs on his CDs a lot, which I guess is part of the reason why he's able to drop mixtapes so often. 7 of the 20 tracks Popular Catchphrases aren't familiar to me, but for everything else this is the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th mixtape I've heard it on. Some of those songs are really good and I don't mind hearing them again, and I mean he sent these mixtapes to me so I'm not pissed like I might be if I was a fan buying all these CDs with the same songs over and over. Still, seems kind of odd and pointless to me. Hopefully that mixtape he's about to release has some new shit on it! Two mp3s, one from each disc:

Tha Profitt - "Piece Of Shit Whip" (mp3)
This song is hilarious and I identify with it entirely too much. I have driven some shitty, old-ass cars in my life.

Scryptz - "Hip Hop Obversations" (mp3)
I have definitely found myself thinking a lot of the things he says in this song from time to time.

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