Saturday, March 06, 2010

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am i the only person that notices that the flyer has a naked woman on it.

this is an outrage. this is why rap is wack!

c Love
Not to say that you, as a woman, should look the other way or stay silent when hip hop is less than respectful of women but...THIS is what drives you to declare your outrage and denounce rap? I mean, damn, have you looked at/listened to anything in the past 10 years?
this is just one of many things al. not this flyer in but it was up so it got the comment of the day.

oh wow....i posted on another thread too.

Does it matter that she's gorgeous??? I mean, that alone should make you proud to be a woman...right?

I'm kidding, what's up C!?
wow... i didnt notice
Funny thing is I didn't even notice it. I just saw another flyer to another party I wasn't going to. Now if nude women are indeed going to be there crawling on the floor that would be something. But I wouldn't blame this flyer on what's wrong with Hip-Hop. Other forms of music objectify women Miss Love.
lol yeah yeah yeah yall so funny.

Its so hard being a critic of rap nowadays. You guys dont let NATHAN slip by.

the girl is hot....looks like she has a nice set of tatas and she definitely doesnt suffer from nasatol....oh did i mention she has great hair.....

but yet and still...I have no idea what any of it has to do with rap. this should not only anger me, but you all as well.

and being a woman means to be objectified sexually....24/7 a would know nothing about that. No one looks at your bulge before your face. I have had convos with folks that have had convos with my boobs.

so while it may seem that my comments are random....out of left field...this is something I think about daily.

and rap is wack because .....the stuff that is often talked about with regard to rap typically has nothing to do with the music and no one (even the artists) seems to be bothered by this.

*off the soap box for the day* we need to have some kind of reunion guys. i miss all yall!!!

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