Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mania Music Group - Welcome To The Sound Check EP (Mania Music Group)

Originally, Mania Music Group was set to release their new album, Welcome To The Audience, in March, but they decided to push it back a few weeks, and instead issue this 8-track preview EP, with a few songs from the album along with some bonus remixes. As with most Mania releases, it tries to showcase all the MCs on the label evenly, with Midas and Kane and Ron G. and new signing Milly July each getting a solo cut and most of them appearing together on posse cuts. The "Stevie's Wife" joint I posted a while back is on here, and it's generally more on that tip than soft stuff like the "Love Thang" single. I was already looking forward to the album but this is a nice little primer, should be interesting to hear how the whole thing shapes up. However, I wouldn't blame you for just waiting for the full LP, since the bonus freestyles aren't super essential. Lately a lot of the chatter around Mania has been regarding rumors about Midas, and if you really want to talk about or follow that, Chin-Yer's My Baltimore Diary blog recently had a post including her interview with Midas on the topic, along with footage of his battle with A-Class that fueled a lot of that talk. I'm not really into gossip, though, so I'm just gonna keep talking about the music. You can download this EP at Mania's Band Camp page.

Mania Music Group - "Beamer Benz or Bentley" Freestyle (mp3)
It's kinda cool to hear these guys all on the beat from a current mainstream hit, since they don't do that real often. It's kind of depressing to hear Midas and Kane spitting fake Drake lyrics on their verses, though (you know, that Young Money style where they just say something, then pause, then say a related phrase, instead of stringing it together as a metaphor or simile -- I call them 'grocery bag lines' because of that one part on "BedRock"). Midas's line in that style made me laugh, but still, it's a pretty terrible trend.

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Thank you Al for the post. I would like to let everyone know that the ep is its own thing none of the records on it will be on the album. These six records didn't fit the format so we thought we would just put them out as a preview. Plus we said we would have something out on 3/23 and we didn't want to leave people empty handed, we value our listeners and pushback’s always bother me I feel you can lose fans doing that
Oh OK, thanks for the clarification -- the presence of "Stevie's Wife" and the announcement describing this as giving "an idea of what to expect" from the album made me think these were tracks that are gonna be on the album. Good to know there's still a lot more unheard music in store.
yeah "Stevie's Wife" was pulled of the LP. there's going to be 17 brand new songs on the album we're shooting for 5/11 release date
kane killed that joint
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