Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mania Music Group f/ Kane Mayfield, Rapman Ron. G and Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon - "Love Thang" (mp3)
This is the first single off of Mania's new album, Welcome To The Audience, and you can also stream the song on their Band Camp page. There's a release party for the album at Always Dope on March 16th, and the record will be out officially on March 23rd.

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I like the Ron G verse was aiight, I think that hook needs some sanging under it and it would be PERFECT!

I DL'ed it, hopefully it'll grow on me more.
i feel like music should not have to "grow" on you. It should just be hot, or the artist should not put the junk out. I mean these niggas are trying to make it right? or do they just rap for fun?
dis sum ol'school shit.
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